Updated Tesla Model 3 Performance May Get A Big Power Bump: Leaked Docs

The Tesla Model 3, one of the top-selling electric vehicles worldwide, has recently undergone significant aesthetic and functional enhancements. An upcoming model, the Tesla Model 3 Performance, is also expected to receive unique improvements. These anticipated enhancements have sparked considerable excitement among Tesla’s global customer base and electric vehicle enthusiasts. This article delves into some of the speculated features and power upgrades that potentially contribute to enhanced performance capabilities of the Model 3 Performance variant based on a leaked document.

The Leaked Document And Its Origin

The contents of a document leaked from the South Korean Ministry of Environment have stirred up curiosity and speculation among X social media users. The revelations relate to the upcoming changes in the Tesla Model 3 Performance. Most notably, the document, which has not been independently corroborated, suggests the addition of a new 412hp rear motor that could substantially augment the vehicle’s power.

Speculating The Model 3’s New Moniker

The significant power upgrade has led to speculations that the Model 3 might undergo a name change. Some believe that it might be renamed the Model 3 Ludicrous. However, this remains uncertain and unconfirmed.

A Potential Power Boost

The previously released Model 3 Performance vehicle had a combined power output of about 505hp. The leaked document indicates that the new 4D2 rear motor could push the power output to an impressive 406hp. While the front motor retains its former 211hp rating, enthusiasts speculate that the combined output could reach up to 618hp, a significant increment of 113hp from the prior model.

Calculations And Translation Of Power Outputs

Electric vehicle enthusiasts are excited about the potential power boost but also caution that the combined power output is not necessarily the exact sum of individual motor outputs. The translation of these into real performance could vary since the transmission ratio of the motors might differ, and the EV’s onboard computers could manage the power distribution differently.

Anticipation Of Official Information

Despite the excitement and speculation, electric vehicle enthusiasts and potential customers eagerly await official confirmation from Tesla. Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and Vice President of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy plan to discuss the new Model 3 in a live chat. This announcement further ignites interest in the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicle.

In conclusion, enhancements to Tesla’s second best-selling car globally have caused a buzz among consumers and industry watchers. While the purported leaked document suggests significant upgrades to the Model 3 Performance variant, enthusiasts and potential buyers eagerly await official confirmation from Tesla. With its unique upgrades and improved power output, the soon-to-be-launched Tesla Model 3 Performance is expected to continue the legacy of its predecessor, pushing the boundaries in the global electric vehicle market.

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