Turn Your SUV Into A Camper With This $2,000 Conversion Kit


The world of camping and adventuring has significantly evolved with new innovative solutions making the experience easier, more comfortable, and accessible. One innovation gaining momentum is the creation of Camping Modules for SUVs. These ingenious designs aim to fit popular and mostly used SUVs, transforming them into mobile camping platforms. This article delves into this topic, providing an understanding of what camping modules entail, their compatibility, functionality, features, and affordability.

Camping Modules: The New Age of Adventure

The increase in popularity of camping modules is in response to growing demand. More often, people are looking for easy, flexible and portable camping solutions. Camping modules are particularly appealing to those that use their vehicles for their everyday chores but would like to convert them into weekend adventure machines when needed. The market has since responded to this trend, which has moved beyond vans, to include SUVs with the latest kit from Van Lab, catching the attention of many.

Compatibility: One Size That Fits All

The unique aspect of Van Lab’s latest SUV Kit is its wide range of compatibility. The kit suits a diverse range of SUVs, starting from compact ones like the BMW X3, to larger models such as the Chevrolet Suburban. Some Station wagons, like the Subaru Outback, have also been included in the compatibility chart. This universal design addresses diverse customer needs without compromising the quality of experience. The kit provides for specific designs that enable the inclusion of all necessary amenities such as fridges, albeit slightly compromising headroom when sleeping in smaller SUVs.

Kit Components: Kitchen and Bed Platform

The Van Lab SUV kit comes in two variants. The kitchen is the first and can function as an outdoor setup located at the rear of the SUV. It features two slide drawers which lock, with sufficient space for a small oven, sink, chopping surfaces, storage for kitchenware, and a specific refrigerator space. The kitchen module, crafted from Birch Plywood, weighs around 64 pounds and can be set up in the back without any permanent fixtures.

Kit Components: Affordability and Availability

The second variation accommodates a bed platform, provisions for which are made in four sections. The sections extend to form a full-size bed, but this would require enough space for setting up. With an obvious shortage of headroom, the sleeping experience is made to be snugly. This kit is available for orders starting at $1,950 for just the kitchen. If the bed option is added to the purchase, the total price rises to $2,350. Special cushions can be added to the purchase for an additional $450 but are presently sold out.

Outdoor Adventures Reimagined

With a delivery time of three to four weeks from orders, those planning on going on a summer adventure should really consider this option. Exploring the great outdoors has been made more accessible and less challenging. Consequently, this will undoubtedly lead to more people discovering and appreciating the world beyond their immediate environment.

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