Rivian R2 teased again before reveal, key specs leak

The highly anticipated Rivian R2 reveal is just around the corner, with a few teasers providing a glimpse into what to expect. Official images showcase the R2’s design, resembling its predecessor, the R1S. However, unofficial information, obtained from the source code of Rivian’s website, reveals key specs of the electric SUV, including pricing and performance details. As we await the full reveal, let’s delve into what we know so far about this exciting new vehicle.

1. Pricing and Availability:
The Rivian R2 is expected to have a starting price of $47,500, falling within the range previously mentioned by Rivian CEO R. J. Scaringe. Buyers who qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit could potentially bring the price down to $40,000 before additional costs. However, deliveries are not expected to begin until 2026, highlighting the need to stay updated on pricing and availability as the launch date approaches.

2. Performance Specifications:
According to leaked information, the Rivian R2 is projected to offer up to 330 miles of range, along with impressive acceleration capabilities of 0-60 mph in three seconds. While the battery capacity was not disclosed, these figures hint at a powerful and efficient electric SUV that promises an exhilarating driving experience.

3. Design and Dimensions:
The Rivian R2 boasts dimensions of 185.6 inches in length, 75 inches in width, and 66.9 inches in height, with a wheelbase of 115.6 inches and 9.8 inches of ground clearance. These specifications position the R2 as a more compact and nimble option compared to its predecessor, the R1S, making it suitable for various driving conditions and terrains.

4. Off-Road Capabilities:
Built for adventure, the Rivian R2 comes equipped with off-road specifications, including a 25-degree approach angle and a 27-degree departure angle. While the R2 may have slightly less impressive overhang angles than the R1S, it still holds its own in terms of off-road performance, making it a versatile choice for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

5. Livestream Reveal and Reservation Process:
The official unveiling of the Rivian R2 is set to take place via livestream, providing enthusiasts with a comprehensive look at the vehicle’s features and technologies. Interested buyers will have the opportunity to reserve their R2 starting on March 7th, with operators available to assist with refundable deposits. This event marks a significant milestone for Rivian and signals the beginning of an exciting new chapter in electric vehicle innovation.

In conclusion, the Rivian R2 reveal promises to be a groundbreaking event in the automotive industry, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability, performance, and adventure. With a blend of official announcements and leaked information, the R2 has already generated immense interest and anticipation among consumers. As we eagerly await the live reveal and subsequent release of the R2, it’s clear that Rivian is poised to make a significant impact in the electric vehicle market with this revolutionary new SUV.

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