Kia offers deep discounts on the brand-new EV9

The Kia EV9 has recently hit the market, and Kia is already offering discounts and incentives to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Early buyers received $3,750 in customer cash, but this amount was increased to $5,000 on March 1, reducing the entry-level price of the SUV to $51,395 after a $1,495 destination fee. Additionally, Kia is offering a $1,000 loyalty discount for the EV9, along with reduced financing rates and lease prices, making it more accessible to consumers.

Despite Kia’s request for dealers not to add markups to the EV9’s price tag, some dealers have reportedly added as much as $7,000 to the cost. Before discounts, the EV9 ranged from $54,900 to $73,900, making markups potentially unreasonable. However, the discounts will help keep the EV9 competitive in the market and may ease the financial burden for interested buyers.

The EV9 has surpassed the EV6 in sales this year, despite neither being eligible for federal tax credits. Kia’s decision to offer discounts and incentives for the EV9 mirrors similar strategies used by other automakers to maintain competitiveness in the absence of tax credits. Although GM expects some models to become eligible again soon, the EV9’s popularity and discounts will likely continue to attract buyers.

Even without discounts, the EV9 has shown promising sales numbers with high reservations and strong sales figures in December and January. This success has paved the way for the upcoming Hyundai three-row EV, expected to be named the Ioniq 9, which will share the same platform as the EV9. The official debut of the Ioniq 9 is anticipated at the Busan International Motor Show in June.

Now let’s delve into the details of the Kia EV9 discounts and incentives to understand how they are making the SUV more attractive to buyers.

### Increased Customer Cash and Loyalty Discounts
Kia initially offered $3,750 in customer cash for the EV9, but this amount was raised to $5,000 on March 1. In addition, Kia is providing a $1,000 loyalty discount for customers who already own a Kia vehicle. These increased discounts help lower the SUV’s entry-level price, making it more affordable for potential buyers.

### Reduced Financing Rates and Lease Prices
To further entice buyers, Kia has reduced the financing rates for the EV9 to 2.49% and cut monthly lease prices. These financial incentives make it easier for customers to purchase or lease the EV9, improving its overall value proposition in the market.

### Dealer Markups and Price Adjustments
While Kia has requested dealers not to add markups to the EV9’s price, some dealers have reportedly included as much as $7,000 in additional costs. This practice can inflate the overall price of the SUV, potentially placing it beyond reasonable affordability for some buyers. However, the discounts offered by Kia can help offset these markups and keep the EV9 competitive in its pricing.

### Sales Performance and Future Expectations
Despite not being eligible for federal tax credits, the EV9 has outsold the EV6 and shown promising sales figures since its release. The success of the EV9 has set a positive precedent for the upcoming Hyundai three-row EV, expected to share the same platform and technology. With a strong market demand and competitive pricing, Kia is poised to maintain its momentum in the electric vehicle segment.

### Anticipated Ioniq 9 Debut
The Ioniq 9, Hyundai’s upcoming three-row EV, is set to debut at the Busan International Motor Show in June. Sharing the E-GMP platform with the EV9, the Ioniq 9 is expected to offer similar performance and features. The official unveiling of the Ioniq 9 will further strengthen Hyundai’s electric vehicle lineup and solidify its position in the growing EV market.

In conclusion, Kia’s strategic discounts and incentives for the EV9 are positioning the SUV as a compelling option for electric vehicle buyers. By reducing the entry-level price, offering loyalty discounts, and providing attractive financing options, Kia is making the EV9 more accessible to a wider range of customers. Despite challenges like dealer markups and the lack of federal tax credits, Kia’s proactive approach to pricing and promotions is driving strong sales and setting the stage for future electric vehicle offerings in collaboration with Hyundai. With the anticipated debut of the Ioniq 9 and continued success of the EV9, Kia is establishing itself as a key player in the EV market with competitive and appealing offerings for discerning consumers.

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