Florida dealer lists used Tesla Cybertruck for almost $300,000

People have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Tesla Cybertruck, resulting in some eye-watering prices on the secondhand market. A Porsche dealer in Florida recently acquired one through auction for $244,000 and is now selling it for almost $300,000.

The Expensive Tesla Cybertruck

Porsche South Orlando’s 2024 Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series is being sold for $289,999, a significant markup from its auction price and nearly three times its original MSRP. It’s worth noting that this model is not the more expensive Cyberbeast variant.

Tesla’s Policy Against Flipping

Tesla has strict policies against flipping that could result in penalties of up to $50,000 for sellers. The company also has other restrictions that may require the buyer to sell the vehicle back to Tesla. While Tesla’s website lists delivery dates for the Cybertruck models, production numbers and reservation holder details remain unclear.

Markups and Sellers

While Porsche South Orlando may face criticism for its hefty markup, they are not the only ones cashing in on the popularity of the Tesla Cybertruck. Several listings on CarGurus show used Cybertrucks priced at over $200,000, with one listing at an astonishing $300,000. Similar markups were seen with the GMC Hummer EV during its early sales period.

Givemethevin.com’s Involvement

John Clay Wolfe, CEO of givemethevin.com, revealed that his company sold the Cybertruck through auction for $210,000. He mentioned facing challenges in acquiring more vehicles due to Tesla’s strict penalty clause of $50,000 for sellers. Wolfe’s company had difficulties finding sellers willing to take on the risk.


The Tesla Cybertruck’s popularity has led to exorbitant prices in the secondhand market, with some sellers and dealers looking to cash in on the demand. While the high markups may be controversial, they reflect the excitement and anticipation surrounding Tesla’s futuristic electric truck offering.

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