Dodge CEO Admits EV Transition Was Like ‘Heading Towards A Wall’


The automobile industry is facing a seismic shift from traditional internal combustion engines to electrified powertrains. Although change can be daunting, the inevitability of it forces us to adapt and innovate. This holds true for the age-old icon, Dodge, which has been synonymous with roaring V-8 engines and exhilarating muscle cars. Recently, after 19 months since the launch of the Charger Daytona SRT EV Concept, Dodge has unveiled its 2024 Charger Daytona, arguably the world’s first electric muscle car. This transformative move raises questions about acceptance from traditional muscle car enthusiasts, potential sales, and the future of Dodge.

The 2024 Charger Daytona: Embracing the Electric Future

Dodge has introduced the 2024 Charger Daytona, signaling the strong embrace of an electrified future for the brand. A year and a half ago, the Charger Daytona SRT EV Concept was unveiled, painting the picture of what was to come. Now, Dodge has brought that conceptual image to life by presenting the Charger Daytona as the world’s first electric muscle car.

The Challenge of Transition

However, this profound shift hasn’t been an easy road for Dodge. As CEO Tim Kuniskis points out, transitioning from Hemi engines, which have been the brand’s pride for 18 years, to electric powertrains is akin to a high-speed race towards an unavoidable wall. The Charger Daytona debut also poses the question if its devoted consumers will embrace the instant electric torque over the distinct sound of a V-8 engine.

The Fastest Electric Muscle Car

Despite the challenges, the 2024 Charger Daytona is far from being just a compliance car. With its top spec Scat Pack trim, it can reach 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and cover a quarter-mile in 11.5 seconds. Dodge boasts that it is currently the quickest and most powerful muscle car, as long as the definition of a muscle car isn’t limited to requiring a V-8 engine.

Anticipating Customer Responses

Initial reactions on social media reveal mixed feelings towards this new chapter in Dodge’s evolution. While some fans stick to their fondness for the traditional muscle car experience, others may be swayed by the evidence that online critique doesn’t always correspond with poor sales. For those disenchanted with the Charger Daytona’s electric transformation, the 2025 Dodge Charger Sixpack offers up to 550 horsepower from a twin-turbo Hurricane straight-six engine.

The Charger’s Future in a Post-V-8 Era

The Charger’s future is not exclusively electric, but for the first time in almost two decades, it will not come with a V-8 engine. This radical shift could be feared as too dramatic for a brand that has thrived on Hemi power. However, only time will tell if the Charger will survive this era of electric transition and prove victorious in the electric muscle car market.

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