Blue Lake Motors and ZEEKR Showcase Sustainable Motoring

The exclusive preview event hosted by Blue Lake Motors, an Al Mana Holding subsidiary, in collaboration with premium electric automobile brand ZEEKR, showcased the avant-garde design philosophy of ZEEKR’s two unique electric vehicle (EV) models—the ZEEKR 001 and ZEEKR X. The event, held at The St. Regis Marsa Arabia, offered VIPs and media a deep dive into cutting-edge automotive innovation through discussions, demonstrations, and test drives, highlighting the future of Qatar’s automotive scene.

## Embracing Qatar’s Sustainable Future
The introduction of ZEEKR’s brand in Qatar aligns with Qatar’s QNV 2030 initiative, which aims to steer the nation towards a sustainable and forward-looking society. With the government’s announcement of electrification targets and plans to transition a significant portion of its fleet to electric vehicles by 2030, the passenger EV market in Qatar is poised for robust growth from 2023 to 2032, driving a surge in EV sales and paving the way for a greener automotive landscape.

## ZEEKR Models: Innovation and Sustainability
The ZEEKR 001 and ZEEKR X models, designed at the Geely Design Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden, cater to a diverse range of customer preferences and needs. The ZEEKR 001, known for its exhilarating driving experience and premium features, combines sedan-like handling with SUV functionality, offering comfort and luxury with a focus on sustainability. On the other hand, the ZEEKR X, a sport utility vehicle ideal for urban living and exploration, boasts elegant design elements, top-notch safety features, and cutting-edge technology for a seamless driving experience.

## Leading the Electric Mobility Revolution
Amid the global transition towards electric mobility, Blue Lake Motors takes a leading role in presenting ZEEKR models that prioritize design, performance, comfort, luxury, and safety. The brand’s meticulous attention to local market demands, as evidenced through extensive road testing in the GCC region, has led to a significant increase in market acceptance and sales volume, reflecting the growing interest in sustainable and environmentally responsible transportation solutions.

## The Vision for ZEEKR in Qatar
With a strong commitment to offering a premium electric vehicle experience that emphasizes innovation, luxury, and environmental responsibility, ZEEKR aims to establish itself as a leading global brand in Qatar. By marrying advanced design, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on sustainability, ZEEKR seeks to redefine the automotive landscape in Qatar and contribute to the country’s transition towards sustainable transportation practices.

## Experience ZEEKR at Blue Lake Motors
Starting in mid-February, car enthusiasts in Qatar are invited to explore and test drive the ZEEKR 001 and ZEEKR X models at the Blue Lake Motors showroom located in Place Vendôme. By experiencing firsthand the luxury, performance, and sustainability features of ZEEKR’s electric vehicles, customers can embark on a journey towards a greener and more advanced automotive future.

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