60 Years of Excellence, A Timeless Legacy of Al Abdulghani Motors and Toyota Motor Corporation

Al Abdulghani Motors celebrated its 60th anniversary of partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation with a grand media event attended by key figures including the Ambassador of Japan to Qatar, Mr. Satoshi Maeda, and Mr. Masaru Shamida, General Manager of Toyota in the Middle East and India. The event featured impactful speeches from the CEO of Al Abdulghani Motors and the General Manager of Toyota, as well as the unveiling of an official logo and mascot symbolizing the enduring bond between the two companies. As part of the celebration, a mascot named “Rahal” representing the whale shark was introduced, highlighting the strength and adaptability of the partnership.

### The History of Partnership
The event showcased presentations detailing the history of the partnership between Al Abdulghani Motors and Toyota, emphasizing shared values and a vision for the future. The founders of the Abdulghani Motors family were praised for their visionary foresight and commitment to excellence, which laid the foundation for the enduring relationship spanning over six decades. Attendees had the opportunity to explore significant milestones in the partnership’s timeline through a mini museum displaying awards and medals earned by Al Abdulghani Motors.

### Recognition and Honors
During the ceremony, Al Abdulghani Motors received the prestigious gold award for the Toyota Authorized Distributors Program, further solidifying the company’s commitment to excellence. Mr. Masaru Shamida was honored with the Qatari bisht as a gesture of appreciation and respect, adding a touch of heritage to the celebration. The event also featured traditional Qatari Ardha dance performances and showcased a modified Toyota car by a young Qatari enthusiast at the Qatar Custom Show car exhibition.

### Special Ramadan Campaign
As a continuation of the anniversary celebration, Al Abdulghani Motors introduced a unique campaign tailored for the holy month of Ramadan. Running from March 3 to April 30, 2024, the campaign offers attractive financing programs for selected Lexus and Toyota models, along with exclusive deals on service contracts, insurance, and car care products. The aim is to enhance convenience and provide a seamless ownership experience for customers during the Ramadan period.

### Future Vision and Commitment
The event highlighted not only the history and achievements of the partnership between Al Abdulghani Motors and Toyota but also laid out a vision for the future. Both companies expressed their commitment to continuing the legacy of excellence and innovation, while embracing new challenges and opportunities in the automotive industry. The enduring bond between the two entities is strengthened by a shared dedication to delivering exceptional products and services to customers in Qatar and beyond.

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