The Mazda CX-70 Offers a Fun Driving Experience Despite Its Lack of Practicality

Mazda is known for building fun and engaging cars, and the CX-70 is no exception, offering driving joy despite being a two-row SUV derived from the three-row CX-90. While the concept of a two-row SUV with a three-row footprint may seem puzzling, the CX-70 delivers an undeniably engaging driving experience for those who value performance and style in their vehicles.

Quick Specs:
The 2024 Mazda CX-70 Turbo S Premium Plus comes equipped with a turbo 3.3-liter I-6 engine that delivers 340 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. The base price starts at $41,900, with the as-tested price coming in at $57,855, making it a competitive option in the mid-size SUV market.

Performance and Design:
The CX-70 shares the same drivetrain lineup as the CX-90, featuring a range of engine options including a turbocharged straight-six and a plug-in hybrid version. Despite being slightly smaller in cargo space compared to the CX-90, the CX-70 offers ample room and storage options for everyday use. The SUV’s longer wheelbase and overall length contribute to its sporty driving dynamics, making it stand out in its class.

Pros and Cons:
The CX-70 shines with its fantastic handling, excellent drivetrains, and beautiful fit and finish, especially in the Turbo S trim. Its engaging driving experience and luxurious interior enhance the overall ownership experience. However, the SUV’s large footprint, confusing pricing structure, and glitchy tech features pose challenges for potential buyers. Issues with wireless charging, sunroof noise, and blind-spot monitoring may detract from the overall appeal of the CX-70 for some consumers.

Closing Thoughts:
While the Mazda CX-70 offers a compelling blend of performance and style, its imperfections and the somewhat puzzling decision to create a two-row version of a three-row SUV may give buyers pause. For those who prioritize driving enjoyment and upscale interior features, the CX-70 presents a strong value proposition. However, those who value practicality and seamless technology integration may find other options more appealing. Ultimately, the CX-70’s unique positioning in the SUV market will appeal to a niche audience seeking a sporty and luxurious driving experience in a two-row package.

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