The 2024 Honda Prologue: A Promising EV Crossover with Uncertain Potential


The 2024 Honda Prologue is the automaker’s first long-range, US-market EV. It offers a handsome design, spacious interior, and a smooth driving experience. However, its partnership with GM and use of the Ultium EV platform present some uncertainties and concerns. This article explores the pros and cons of the Honda Prologue and the impact of its affiliation with GM on its overall reliability.

**Pros: Refined Driving Dynamics and Styling**

The Honda Prologue impresses with its refined driving dynamics and handsome styling. Despite using GM switchgear, the interior design and layout are uniquely Honda, offering a sensible and easy-to-use experience. The car features actual knobs and switches for climate control, a refreshing departure from other EVs. The Prologue provides a smooth and quiet ride with ample acceleration, making it a comfortable and enjoyable vehicle to drive.

**Cons: Uncertainties Around GM Ultium Platform**

While Honda demonstrates confidence in the Ultium architecture, concerns remain regarding GM’s recent reliability issues. The Prologue’s reliance on the Ultium platform raises questions about its long-term dependability and potential impact on Honda’s reputation for quality and reliability. The car’s performance and charging capabilities may lag behind rival EVs, creating additional uncertainties for consumers considering the Prologue.

**Driving Experience and Handling**

The Prologue offers a comfortable and familiar driving experience for existing Honda customers, with a focus on front-wheel drive for a more traditional Honda feel. However, some aspects, such as the “gloopy” steering sensation, may not appeal to those seeking a sportier driving experience. Despite this, the Prologue provides ample space and a smooth ride, distinguishing it from competitors in its price range.

**Implications for Honda’s EV Strategy**

As the Prologue serves as a stopgap solution until Honda’s own EV platform is ready, the partnership with GM raises questions about the car’s long-term reliability and Honda’s overall EV strategy. The Prologue’s likable design and spacious interior may appeal to consumers, but concerns linger regarding the Ultium platform’s past issues and potential impact on Honda’s reputation.


Overall, the 2024 Honda Prologue presents a blend of strengths and uncertainties for consumers. While it offers refined driving dynamics, attractive styling, and a comfortable interior, concerns surrounding the GM Ultium platform and recent reliability issues cast a shadow of doubt over the Prologue’s long-term dependability. As consumers weigh the car’s pros and cons, its competitive pricing and potential EV tax credit eligibility add to its appeal, but the lingering uncertainties suggest a cautious approach may be prudent when considering the Honda Prologue.

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