Experience the thrilling next-generation supercar excitement with the new McLaren Artura Spider

McLaren Artura Spider: A New Dimension in Design and Performance


McLaren has unveiled the new Artura Spider, its first-ever convertible with a high-performance hybrid powertrain. This new model boasts upgrades in power, performance, and driver engagement, along with the sensory pleasures of open-top driving. The Artura Spider is designed to deliver exceptional dynamic performance while meeting the demands of regular driving and offering near-silent electric-drive capabilities.

Powertrain Enhancements

The Artura Spider features a high-performance hybrid powertrain with a recalibrated V6 combustion engine that now produces 700PS. The engine delivers peak torque of 720Nm and offers enhanced performance from 4,000rpm to the redline at 8,500rpm. The compact and lightweight design of the engine contributes to the overall efficiency and power-to-weight ratio of the vehicle. Additionally, an axial flux E-motor generates 95PS and 225Nm, providing instant torque delivery for razor-sharp throttle response and acceleration. The Artura Spider achieves impressive acceleration figures, including 0-100km/h in 3.0 seconds and a maximum speed limited to 330km/h.

Elegant Design Language

The new Artura Spider retains the signature design elements of the Artura, such as the sculpted bodywork and ‘hammerhead’ nose, while introducing the Retractable Hard Top (RHT) system. The convertible features all-new buttresses with a glazed section for rear visibility and airflow into the engine bay. The cabin design focuses on driver comfort and functionality, with a clean steering wheel and driver display binnacle that houses controls for handling and powertrain modes. The McLaren Clubsport seat comes standard in most markets, offering a balance of motion range and support suitable for road and track driving.

Exceptional Braking Performance

The Artura Spider is equipped with carbon ceramic discs, lightweight aluminium calipers, and new brake cooling ducts for superior braking performance. The braking system works in conjunction with rear-axle kinematics and revised engine response rates to enhance high-speed braking power and stability. The Spider boasts improved braking distances, making it a remarkably capable supercar on both the road and the track.

Innovative Technology and Connectivity

The McLaren infotainment and connectivity system (MIS II) in the Artura Spider features high-definition displays and intuitive controls for seamless integration of technology and entertainment in the cabin. The system allows for easy selection of various driving modes and settings, ensuring a personalized driving experience for every driver. Additional features such as adjustable lumbar support and heated comfort seats with memory enhance the overall comfort and convenience of the driving experience.


The McLaren Artura Spider represents a new chapter in McLaren’s legacy of high-performance supercars. With its innovative design, advanced powertrain technology, and exceptional performance capabilities, the Artura Spider delivers a thrilling driving experience for enthusiasts seeking a unique combination of luxury, performance, and style.Witness the evolution of supercar engineering with the McLaren Artura Spider, where perfection meets excitement on every stretch of the road.

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