Comparison of Family Mid-Size SUVs: Honda CR-V vs Skoda Kodiaq

Family SUV Showdown: Honda CR-V Vs Skoda Kodiaq

Family SUVs have become a popular choice for many buyers today, offering a blend of practicality, comfort, and style. In this article, we will compare two mid-size family SUVs, the Honda CR-V and Skoda Kodiaq. Both vehicles have their unique strengths and features, making them great contenders in the family SUV segment. Let’s take a closer look at how these two vehicles stack up against each other in terms of dimensions, exterior design, interiors, seats and comfort, engine performance, safety features, and pricing.

Dimensions Comparison: Honda CR-V Vs Skoda Kodiaq

When it comes to dimensions, the Skoda Kodiaq emerges as the larger of the two SUVs. It has slightly better measurements in terms of length, width, height, wheelbase, and ground clearance compared to the Honda CR-V. Additionally, the Kodiaq offers more boot space, making it a more practical choice for families looking for ample storage capacity.

Exterior Design: Honda CR-V Vs Skoda Kodiaq

In terms of exterior design, the Skoda Kodiaq presents a more grown-up and sophisticated look compared to the Honda CR-V. While both SUVs come equipped with similar features such as LED lights, roof rails, body cladding, and electric boot-lid, the Kodiaq sports larger wheels, giving it a more commanding presence on the road. However, the CR-V is not far behind and may appeal to younger buyers with its stylish design cues.

Interiors & Features Comparison: Honda CR-V Vs Skoda Kodiaq

Moving on to the interiors, the Skoda Kodiaq takes the lead with its larger display screens, premium audio system, and additional comfort features such as rear sunshades and umbrella storage. The Kodiaq offers a more luxurious cabin with better equipment onboard, providing passengers with a more comfortable and convenient ride. However, the Honda CR-V also offers a range of features but finishes slightly behind the Kodiaq in this category.

Seats & Comfort: Honda CR-V Vs Skoda Kodiaq

Both the Honda CR-V and Skoda Kodiaq come equipped with seven-seat configurations, making them ideal choices for families. Various seat adjustments, rear AC vents, and ample boot space further enhance the comfort and convenience for passengers in both SUVs. With features like one-touch tumble seats and rear sunshades, both vehicles cater to the needs of families on the go, making it a tie in this section.

Engine & Performance: Honda CR-V Vs Skoda Kodiaq

In terms of engine options, the Honda CR-V is powered by a 1.5L turbo-petrol engine, while the Skoda Kodiaq offers two turbo-petrol engine choices: 1.4L and 2.0L. The larger 2.0L engine in the Kodiaq provides better performance with a top speed of 210 km/h and a quicker acceleration time compared to the CR-V. The Kodiaq’s efficient DSG gearbox further enhances its performance on the road, catering to buyers looking for a powerful drive.

Safety Features: Honda CR-V Vs Skoda Kodiaq

Both the Honda CR-V and Skoda Kodiaq come equipped with advanced safety features such as airbags, parking sensors, TPMS, and 360-degree cameras, ensuring the safety of passengers on board. While the Kodiaq offers park assist for added convenience, both SUVs provide a similar level of active and passive safety features, making them reliable choices for families seeking a secure ride.

Pricing: Honda CR-V Vs Skoda Kodiaq

In terms of pricing, the Honda CR-V is available in four variants, with prices ranging from AED 124,900 to AED 160,900. On the other hand, the Skoda Kodiaq starts at AED 138,000, with variant-wise details not disclosed by the brand. Both SUVs offer value for money with their range of features and capabilities, catering to different budgets and preferences of buyers in the UAE.

In conclusion, both the Honda CR-V and Skoda Kodiaq offer excellent options for families looking for a mid-size SUV. While the Kodiaq excels in dimensions, interiors, and performance, the CR-V provides a stylish design, comfort features, and a budget-friendly starting price. Ultimately, the choice between these two SUVs will depend on individual preferences and requirements, with both vehicles offering a blend of style, comfort, and performance in the family SUV segment.

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