Toyota partners with Ionna to expand EV charging network, stations set to arrive in 2024

Toyota has recently made an undisclosed investment in the North American EV fast-charging network Ionna, becoming the eighth automaker to do so. This move will give Toyota and Lexus electric vehicle drivers access to the growing network of high-power fast-charging connectors across the U.S. and Canada. With plans to build more than 30,000 charging stations, Ionna aims to provide both urban and highway-adjacent locations for EV drivers.

Expanding the Network
Ionna, which already includes automakers such as BMW Group, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis, began emerging from stealth mode in June. The network is currently working on its first charging stations, with the first U.S. locations set to open in 2024. Toyota’s involvement in the network will pave the way for more electric vehicle options, with new models such as a three-row electric SUV and a fully electric Toyota Highlander scheduled for release in the coming years.

Charging Interface Standards
The upcoming Toyota electric vehicles are expected to include the Tesla-based NACS charging interface, indicating Toyota’s commitment to adopting this standard. Ionna has confirmed that its connectors will support a minimum power of 350 kW and will be compatible with both the NACS and CCS connector standards. This will ensure that Toyota and Lexus drivers can easily access the network’s fast-charging capabilities.

Sustainable and Convenient Charging
Ionna aims to rival the Tesla Supercharger network in scale and convenience. The network plans to operate on renewable energy and will offer features such as reservations, route planning, and Plug & Charge technology. This will enable EV drivers to streamline the charging process and reduce the need for multiple credit card transactions or app interactions. Additionally, Ionna’s charging locations will be strategically placed, moving away from traditional areas favored by other networks and expanding to remote areas or islands.

Impact on EV Infrastructure
Toyota’s investment in Ionna reflects the growing importance of expanding the EV charging infrastructure. As more automakers join the network, EV drivers will have greater access to convenient and fast-charging options. This development is a positive step towards increasing the adoption of electric vehicles and reducing reliance on traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

In conclusion, Toyota’s investment in Ionna signals a significant milestone in the development of the EV charging infrastructure in North America. With plans to build a vast network of high-power fast-charging connectors, Ionna is poised to revolutionize the EV charging experience for Toyota and Lexus drivers. As more automakers join the network and new electric vehicle models are introduced, the future of sustainable transportation looks promising.

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