Three out of five EV drivers with access to home charging use public chargers on a weekly basis.

According to automakers, about 85% of electric vehicle (EV) drivers charge their vehicles at home the majority of the time. However, recent survey results from ChargeLab, an EV charging software company, reveal a more nuanced reality when it comes to EV charging habits. The survey, conducted in the fourth quarter of 2023 with 500 EV drivers in the U.S., sheds light on the usage of public chargers, workplace charging, and preferences for finding charging stations. Additionally, the survey touches on the topic of data privacy concerns among EV drivers. This article explores the key findings from the ChargeLab survey and highlights the importance of public charging infrastructure in supporting the growing EV market.

Public Charging Habits Among EV Drivers
Despite the convenience of home charging, the ChargeLab survey indicates that many EV drivers still rely on public charging stations. While 59.6% of those with access to home charging use public chargers at least a few days a week, 8.2% of the home-charging group turn to public charging every day. Overall, more than half of EV drivers use public chargers every week, with 30.9% using them a few times a week and 22.7% using them most days. This demonstrates a significant reliance on public charging infrastructure to supplement charging at home.

Preference for Charging Apps and Networks
The survey reveals that a majority of EV drivers prefer using apps to find public charging stations, with over two-thirds of respondents indicating their preference for this method. Additionally, more than two out of five respondents reported using Tesla’s system to locate charging stations. Interestingly, about 35% of respondents primarily drive Tesla EVs, indicating that not all Tesla drivers exclusively use the Tesla charging ecosystem. This preference for apps and networks highlights the importance of user-friendly tools for accessing public charging infrastructure.

Workplace Charging Availability
Workplace charging also plays a crucial role in supporting EV adoption, with just over 40% of EV drivers surveyed having access to EV charging at their workplace. This finding underscores the significance of workplace charging in providing convenient charging options for EV owners who may not have access to home charging solutions. By expanding workplace charging initiatives, companies can further encourage employees to switch to electric vehicles.

Public Charging as a Dealbreaker and Concerns About Data Privacy
The survey results align with previous studies that have highlighted the importance of public charging infrastructure in shaping consumer attitudes towards EV adoption. Nearly half of shoppers consider public charging availability as a dealbreaker when considering EVs, emphasizing the need for robust charging networks. In addition to charging infrastructure, data privacy concerns also emerge as a relevant issue among EV drivers. While many drivers are open to sharing basic EV details for better charging performance, there is a notable reluctance to share individual charging habits or billing data. This illustrates the delicate balance between data sharing for improved services and protecting users’ privacy.

The ChargeLab survey provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of EV charging habits, preferences, and concerns among drivers in the U.S. As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, the findings underscore the importance of a robust public charging infrastructure to support the transition to electric transportation. By addressing concerns related to public charging availability, data privacy, and workplace charging initiatives, stakeholders can enhance the overall EV ownership experience and accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions.

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