Rivian’s R3 and R3X hatchbacks target broader market with affordable pricing under $45,000

In a surprising twist, Rivian unveiled the R3 hatchback and the R3X performance variant following the debut of the R2 electric SUV. The R3 lineup, set to arrive after the R2 in the first half of 2026, will be priced lower starting at $45,000. Like the R2, the R3 models will come equipped with single, dual, and tri-motor powertrains, as well as a structural battery pack using 4695-style cells. The R3 will offer fast charging capabilities, with the ability to charge from 10-80% in just 30 minutes.

### Shared Powertrains and Features
Both the R2 and the R3 will share the same powertrain options, Interior features include a digital gauge cluster, a large touchscreen display, and versatile folding seats in the first and second rows. The R3 will also offer additional storage solutions such as two gloveboxes, a hidden storage drawer, and a front trunk for secure storage.

### Design and Features
The R3 will boast a compact and sporty design, sitting about 5.0 inches shorter than the R2. With signature Rivian lighting and a sleek front design, the R3 has a unique rear end with a flip-up glass feature that allows for convenient storage of longer items like surfboards. The overall design of the R3 gives it the appearance of a hot-hatch ready for off-road adventures.

### Production and Future Plans
Production for the R2 is set to begin in early 2026 at Rivian’s Illinois plant, with future plans to move production to a new facility in Georgia. The production timeline for the R3 has not been announced, but it is expected to be built alongside the R2 once it enters production. The introduction of the R3 expands Rivian’s lineup and offers a more affordable option for customers looking for a compact electric vehicle.

Overall, the R3 hatchback and R3X performance variant add diversity to Rivian’s electric vehicle lineup, with a more affordable option for consumers seeking a compact, versatile electric vehicle. With shared powertrains and features from the R2, the R3 promises to deliver a unique driving experience in a compact, stylish package. As Rivian continues to expand its production capabilities, the R3 looks to be a promising addition to the automaker’s growing portfolio of electric vehicles.

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