Rivian’s 2025 R1T and R1S models receive upgrades in efficiency, comfort, and safety features

Rivian Unveils Upgraded R1 Vehicles in Seattle

Rivian, known for its adventure-focused electric vehicles, recently unveiled its revamped R1 family in Seattle. The new R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV have undergone significant changes under the hood, despite their similar exterior appearances to their predecessors. The upgrades are designed to improve efficiency, comfort, and performance, setting the stage for the brand’s future R2 lineup.

Further details of the revamp include a new lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery option, changes to the motor configurations, and updated body structures. Rivian has listened to feedback from early adopters and incorporated numerous improvements to meet the expectations of both existing and potential new owners.

### Enhanced Motor Configurations and Efficiency

The 2025 R1T and R1S will now be available with Standard, Large, and Max battery pack sizes, coupled with Dual-Motor, Tri-Motor, and Quad-Motor layouts. These configurations offer different levels of power and performance, with Tri-Motor models now quicker than the previous Quad-Motor versions. The new motors feature a shared inverter technology and emphasize efficiency in the front motors while rear motors provide more power for performance.

### Evolved Battery Technology and Charging Capabilities

Rivian has reengineered its battery pack design to reduce weight, improve manufacturability, and enhance efficiency. The Standard and Large packs now offer lower capacities compared to previous models but deliver improved range due to efficiency gains. Additionally, the adoption of LFP cells and a new heat pump technology have further boosted efficiency and reduced the carbon footprint of the R1 vehicles.

### Luxury Features and Ride Quality

Internally, the R1 lineup has been upgraded to offer a more luxurious experience, with improved ride comfort and handling characteristics. The suspension has been retuned to provide a smoother ride without compromising handling performance, making the R1 vehicles feel more like high-end luxury models. Features such as Rally and Drift modes on Tri-Motor models enhance off-road capabilities and driving dynamics.

### Advanced Connectivity and Entertainment Options

Rivian has introduced a new sensing and driving-assist system, dubbed the Rivian Autonomy Platform, which utilizes advanced cameras, radars, and AI algorithms to enhance visibility and driving assistance features. The brand also offers a premium audio system with Dolby Atmos, Apple Music integration, and Rivian Connect+ for additional connectivity services. Owners can now use Apple Wallet to unlock their vehicles and share keys with family and friends.

### Future Outlook and Deliveries

Deliveries of the second-gen R1 family are set to begin soon, with a range of pricing options available depending on trim levels and configurations. Rivian continues to work on its upcoming R2 lineup, which aims to push the boundaries of mass-market affordability and profitability while ensuring the company’s long-term viability. The enhancements made to the R1 lineup reflect Rivian’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Rivian’s revamped R1 vehicles showcase the brand’s dedication to continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology. With upgraded battery, motor, and connectivity features, the R1 lineup is poised to deliver a premium driving experience for adventure enthusiasts and electric vehicle enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned for more updates on Rivian’s future models and innovations in the electric vehicle space.

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