Recall announced for Lucid Air due to power loss and coolant heater malfunctions


Lucid Motors, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently issued two recalls for its Lucid Air sedan within a two-week period. These recalls address a software error that may cause a loss of power and a coolant heater that could fail, affecting thousands of vehicles. Lucid has taken proactive measures to address these issues and ensure the safety and performance of its vehicles.


The first recall issued by Lucid Motors pertains to a high-voltage coolant heater issue that affects a range of 2022 to 2024 model year Lucid Air vehicles. This issue poses a potential failure that could impact the functioning of the climate system’s windshield defrosting. Approximately 1% of the 7,506 vehicles recalled are estimated to have this defect. Lucid has already released an over-the-air software update to detect and alert owners of a possible high-voltage coolant heater failure. Owners will receive notification letters by August 9, and should a component fail, it will be replaced free of charge.

The second recall involves a hardware communication fault that could lead to the disconnection of high-voltage contractors while the vehicle is in motion. This may result in a loss of drive power and pose a potential crash risk. Lucid identified this issue in 5,251 2022 to 2023 Air sedans, with only 1% of vehicles within the campaign estimated to have this defect. An over-the-air software update has been released to address this issue, and notification letters will be sent to owners by August 15.

A total of 10 known occurrences related to the hardware communication fault have been reported to date. Lucid Motors is committed to addressing these issues promptly and ensuring the safety of its customers. Owners of affected vehicles can contact Lucid Motors at 1-888-995-8243 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at 1-888-327-4236 for more information and assistance.

Lucid Motors has pledged to replace any high-voltage coolant heaters or other components that fail on affected vehicles at no cost to owners. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. By taking proactive measures to address potential issues, Lucid Motors aims to uphold the quality and reliability of its electric vehicles.

In conclusion, Lucid Motors’ swift response to the recalls of its Lucid Air sedan reflects the company’s dedication to the safety and satisfaction of its customers. The over-the-air software updates and replacement of faulty components demonstrate Lucid’s commitment to addressing issues promptly and ensuring the continued performance of its electric vehicles. Owners of affected vehicles are encouraged to take advantage of the complimentary repairs and updates provided by Lucid Motors to maintain the safety and reliability of their vehicles.

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