GM provides batteries to the military for testing in upcoming platforms

The U.S. military is looking to evaluate EV batteries from General Motors in order to handle its energy storage needs efficiently. General Motors’ GM Defense subsidiary is supplying Ultium battery hardware for a Defense Department-funded research project at the University of Texas at Arlington’s Pulsed Power and Energy Laboratory. This evaluation will help determine pathways for domestically supplied energy storage for potential use in future military platforms.

### General Motors Ultium batteries for military research project
The project aims to assess any necessary design changes required to make the Ultium hardware suitable for the military’s energy storage requirements. GM claims a high level of modularity in the Ultium batteries, which can support different chemistries and cell types for various applications beyond electric vehicles. GM CEO Mary Barra has expressed flexibility on battery cells, hinting that the automaker could transition to cylindrical cells in the future.

### Utilizing Ultium batteries for civilian and military applications
GM has also been exploring the use of Ultium batteries for stationary energy storage in the civilian sector, with the introduction of an Ultium-based home backup power system as part of the GM Energy business initiative. GM Defense has previously provided a prototype Ultium-based battery system for another Defense Department project, involving the integration of a GM battery pack into a light tactical vehicle.

### Future electric military vehicles based on GMC Hummer EV
In 2021, GM Defense president Steve duMont mentioned plans to develop prototypes of electric military vehicles based on the civilian GMC Hummer EV platform. These vehicles would reuse the framework, motors, and battery system of the civilian Hummer, but with simplified bodywork. This strategy follows the successful blueprint of GM Defense’s Infantry Squad Vehicle, which is derived from the previous-generation Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 pickup truck.

In conclusion, the evaluation of EV batteries from General Motors for the military’s energy storage needs has the potential to lead to domestically supplied energy storage solutions for future military applications. The adaptability and versatility of the Ultium battery hardware make it a viable option for various energy storage requirements, both in civilian and military sectors. The collaboration between General Motors, GM Defense, and the U.S. military highlights the importance of innovation and technological advancements in meeting the energy storage demands of the armed forces.

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