Ferrari reveals plans for debut electric vehicle priced at $500,000 or higher

In a surprising turn of events, Ferrari, known for its loud gas engines, is set to launch its first electric vehicle (EV) in late 2025. This marks a significant shift for the Italian automaker, which was previously opposed to the idea of an electric car. The new EV is expected to be priced at 500,000 euros, placing it at the high end of Ferrari’s pricing spectrum. Despite the steep price tag, Ferrari is not relying on sharp pricing to attract buyers, instead focusing on advanced technology such as axial-flux motors and sound generators.

The Form of the Ferrari EV
While Ferrari has not disclosed specific details about the upcoming EV, there are rumors that it may take a form closer to the Purosangue SUV rather than a traditional supercar. In addition to the first electric car, Ferrari is reportedly working on a second electric model, although it is still in the early stages of development. This signals a significant shift in Ferrari’s lineup, as the brand expands into the realm of electric vehicles.

Production at the “E-Building” Plant
Ferrari will produce its electric cars at a new plant dubbed the “e-building,” located adjacent to the current plant at the Maranello headquarters. This new plant is set to begin operations this week, initially focusing on building some gas models as well as electric motors, inverters, and batteries for plug-in hybrid powertrains. Volume production of EVs is expected to commence in early 2026 at this state-of-the-art facility.

Development of Electric Technology
In line with its approach to gas powertrains, Ferrari plans to develop its own electric motors, inverters, and batteries with a focus on industry-leading weight and power density. While Ferrari will collaborate with partners in certain areas, the brand aims to maintain a high level of control over the development of its electric technology. One key partner in this endeavor is battery supplier SK On, with whom Ferrari has a pre-existing deal for battery supply in plug-in hybrid models.

Exploring New Possibilities
Ferrari and SK On are not only focused on the supply of batteries for existing models but are also exploring new opportunities in battery cell technology. This partnership signifies Ferrari’s commitment to staying at the forefront of electric vehicle technology and innovation. With the impending launch of its first EV, Ferrari is poised to make a significant impact on the electric vehicle market while maintaining its reputation for luxury and performance.

Overall, Ferrari’s foray into electric vehicles represents a monumental shift for the brand and the automotive industry as a whole. As the automaker gears up for the launch of its first electric car, all eyes are on Ferrari to see how this iconic brand will navigate the transition to electric power while staying true to its heritage of performance and luxury. With the promise of advanced technology and innovation, Ferrari’s electric future looks promising and sets the stage for a new era in the world of supercars.

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