Ferrari Considering $7,500 Subscription for EV Battery Service and Replacement

In an effort to ease concerns of buyers making the switch from gas to electric vehicles, Ferrari is reportedly planning to introduce a battery extended warranty for its upcoming EVs and hybrids. This move could also open up a new revenue stream for the luxury automaker.

According to reports from Bloomberg, Ferrari is considering offering an annual subscription for a battery extended warranty, priced at around 7,000 euros (approximately $7,500). This warranty would cover all aspects of battery maintenance, as well as defects related to the battery. Additionally, it would include scheduled battery replacements after eight years to ensure optimal performance over the vehicle’s lifespan.

### Extended Warranty for Future EVs and Hybrids
Ferrari’s upcoming electric vehicle, set to debut in late 2025, is expected to be a low-slung SUV with a price tag exceeding $500,000. The company has not disclosed many details about the EV, but it is likely to be a premium offering in line with Ferrari’s reputation for high-performance, luxurious vehicles.

### Production at the E-Building
Production of the EV, as well as future electric vehicles from Ferrari, will take place at a new plant called the E-Building located next to the company’s existing manufacturing facility in Maranello, Italy. This new plant has been designed for flexible production, allowing for gas, hybrid, and electric vehicles to be assembled based on demand.

### Increased Production Capacity
With the addition of the E-Building plant, Ferrari aims to boost its annual production capacity to approximately 20,000 vehicles, up from the current 14,000. This expansion will enable the company to meet growing demand for its vehicles, including the new range of electric offerings.

In conclusion, Ferrari’s decision to introduce a battery extended warranty for its EVs and hybrids demonstrates the company’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and easing the transition to electric vehicles. By offering this added assurance, Ferrari is poised to attract more buyers to its forthcoming electric models while also establishing a new source of revenue for the brand.

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