Electrify America debuts fast-charging stations in Moab for electric off-road enthusiasts

Electrify America has introduced 350-kw DC fast-chargers in Utah to cater to fully electric off-roaders and recreational visitors exploring nearby national parks. These chargers are supported by Electrify Commercial and installed by Rocky Mountain Power, offering high-speed charging options for electric trucks and SUVs. The site at Moab features eight 350-kw chargers, with the GMC Hummer EV being the only off-road EV capable of utilizing this full charge rate. Additionally, Rivian has announced Level 2 charging at glamping sites near Moab, and Jeep has showcased electrified off-road concepts in the area, highlighting the growing trend of electric vehicles in off-road settings.

Electrify America’s Expansion into Utah
Electrify America’s decision to install 350-kw DC fast-chargers in Utah signifies a strategic move to support the growing market for electric off-roaders and recreational vehicles in the region. This expansion aims to provide fast and convenient charging options for electric vehicles exploring popular destinations like Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

Partnership with Electrify Commercial and Rocky Mountain Power
The collaboration between Electrify Commercial and regional utility Rocky Mountain Power underlines the importance of public-private partnerships in expanding the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. By leveraging the expertise of both entities, Electrify America is able to deploy high-speed chargers efficiently and cater to the specific needs of electric truck owners and trailer-towing vehicles.

Charging Capabilities at Moab Site
The Moab site features eight 350-kw chargers designed to accommodate electric trucks and SUVs, with the GMC Hummer EV being the first off-road-focused electric vehicle capable of utilizing this full charge rate. This development highlights the potential for electric off-roaders to access fast charging capabilities in remote and rugged terrains, enhancing the overall driving experience for EV enthusiasts.

Pricing and Network Integration
While pricing for the independent chargers at the Moab site may vary, they will be seamlessly integrated into Electrify America’s app and payment system, ensuring a user-friendly experience for electric vehicle owners. This integration streamlines the charging process and enables travelers to easily locate and access fast-charging stations while on the go.

Industry Trends and Future Outlook
The introduction of high-speed charging infrastructure in popular off-road destinations like Moab reflects the shifting landscape of the automotive industry towards electrification. With companies like Rivian and Jeep also investing in electric off-road concepts and charging infrastructure, the future looks promising for electric off-roaders seeking adventure in remote and challenging terrains. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, initiatives like Electrify America’s expansion in Utah are paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future in the off-road segment.

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