Electric Renegade: 2023 Jeep EV priced at $25,000

Jeep’s $25,000 electric Renegade is the talk of the town, with Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares confirming its arrival in the U.S. market soon. This affordable electric vehicle will be an expansion on the Renegade nameplate, which was previously associated with a small gasoline crossover that was discontinued after the 2023 model year. Recent insights from Stellantis’ Investor Day 2024 presentation shed light on the company’s future plans for Jeep in North America, with a focus on electrification and new product launches.

With the upcoming electric Renegade, Jeep is poised to introduce a budget-friendly B-segment crossover to the market. The vehicle is expected to ride on the eCMP platform used by the Citroën e-C3, positioning it as a compact and efficient electric option for consumers. To achieve the targeted retail price of under $25,000, the electric Renegade will utilize LFP battery cells, as confirmed by Tavares during the event.

The electric Renegade is just one piece of Jeep’s broader electrification strategy, which includes the introduction of several new EVs and plug-in hybrids in the coming years. The brand recently unveiled the Wagoneer S, an all-electric SUV set to begin deliveries later this year. Additionally, a Gladiator 4xe plug-in hybrid is slated for release next year, along with range-extended Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer 4xe plug-in hybrids. Jeep aims to have six all-electric models in its lineup by 2027, encompassing a range of vehicles from compact crossovers to full-size SUVs.

With a strong commitment to electrification and sustainability, Jeep is positioning itself as a leader in the EV market. By offering affordable electric options like the Renegade alongside premium models like the Wagoneer S, the brand is catering to a wide range of consumers interested in electric vehicles. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Jeep’s focus on electrification is setting the stage for a greener and more sustainable future.

In conclusion, the $25,000 electric Renegade represents a significant step forward for Jeep as it expands its electric vehicle lineup. With a clear roadmap for future product launches and a commitment to affordability and sustainability, Jeep is poised to make a lasting impact in the EV market. As consumers increasingly prioritize eco-friendly transportation options, the electric Renegade and other upcoming models from Jeep offer a compelling blend of performance, technology, and value. Stay tuned for more updates as Jeep continues to shape the future of electric mobility.

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