BMW M3 Electric Set to “Dominate All”

Luxury automaker BMW is planning to release an electric variant of its iconic M3 model as part of its new lineup of performance EVs based on the Neue Klasse platform. This new electric M3, possibly named i3 M, is expected to be the most powerful production M car in history, boasting around 1,000 kW (1,341 hp) of power. Despite the immense power output, BMW is focusing on maintaining the driving dynamics that M cars are known for, with an emphasis on handling, limits, and chassis control.

Under the leadership of Frank van Meel, BMW’s M division is working on creating an electric sports car that will outperform anything seen before. The upcoming electric M3 is set to be a significant addition to the 3-Series lineup and might carry the i3 badge. BMW has been investing in developing its next-generation electric motors in-house, prioritizing lightweight and compact design to enhance performance.

Purists will be pleased to hear that the electric M3 will offer rear-wheel drive options in the EV era, promising a familiar driving experience despite the shift to electric power. The electric M3 variant is expected to hit the market between 2026 and 2027, bringing a new level of performance and innovation to BMW’s lineup of M cars.

Overall, BMW’s focus on creating a high-performance electric M3 that retains the driving dynamics of traditional M cars while pushing the boundaries of power and technology showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation in the EV market.

**Subtitle 1: The Development of BMW’s Electric M3**
BMW’s decision to introduce an electric variant of the iconic M3 model is part of the brand’s strategy to transition towards electric vehicles. The new electric M3, based on the Neue Klasse platform, promises to deliver unparalleled power and performance while retaining the driving dynamics that make M cars unique.

**Subtitle 2: The Most Powerful Production M Car**
With approximately 1,000 kW (1,341 hp) of power, the upcoming electric M3 is set to become the most powerful production M car in history. BMW’s focus on developing in-house electric motors with a lightweight and compact design demonstrates the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric performance.

**Subtitle 3: Emphasis on Driving Dynamics**
Despite its impressive power output, the electric M3 will prioritize driving dynamics, handling, and chassis control. BMW’s M division, under the leadership of Frank van Meel, aims to deliver a driving experience that is “neutral, linear, and predictable,” staying true to the legacy of M cars.

**Subtitle 4: Rear-Wheel Drive Options for Purists**
In a nod to purists, BMW has confirmed that the electric M3 will offer rear-wheel drive options in the EV era. This decision reflects the brand’s commitment to maintaining the driving experience that enthusiasts love while embracing electric power and innovation.

**Subtitle 5: Arrival of the Electric M3**
The electric M3 variant is expected to be available to consumers between 2026 and 2027, marking a significant milestone in BMW’s transition towards electric performance vehicles. With cutting-edge technology and unrivaled power, the electric M3 promises to set a new standard for electric sports cars in the market.

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