Audi E-Tron GT Recalled Due to Brake Hose Tear


Audi has recently issued a recall for most of its E-Tron GT models due to a potential risk of brake hose tear. This recall affects both the standard E-Tron GT and the sporty RS E-Tron GT sedans from model years 2022-2024. The affected vehicles may have front brake hoses that are not durable enough to withstand the bending and deflection that occurs during normal operation, leading to potential cracks and brake fluid leaks. This article will delve deeper into the details of this recall and its implications for Audi and Porsche vehicle owners.

**Recall Details:**

Audi is recalling 9,653 E-Tron GT models to replace front brake hoses that could tear and leak fluid. Both the standard E-Tron GT and the sporty RS E-Tron GT sedans from model years 2022-2024 are included in this recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has highlighted that the front brake hoses may develop cracks due to the inherent bending and deflection during regular use, potentially leading to brake fluid leaks. Audi has stated that two warranty claims related to this issue have been reported, but no crashes or injuries have been linked to it.

**Resolution Process:**

Affected Audi owners will have their front brake hoses replaced free of charge by authorized dealers. The automaker plans to send out notification letters to owners starting from August 16, 2024. Owners can check Audi’s recall page or contact Audi directly for more information on the recall process. Those who prefer to contact the NHTSA can do so by referencing the assigned recall number.

**Porsche Taycan Recall:**

The Porsche Taycan, which shares a platform and electrical architecture with the E-Tron GT, is also undergoing a recall for front brake hoses that may crack and leak. Porsche is recalling 31,689 cars from model years 2022 to 2025 and will be replacing the front brake hoses free of charge. This issue highlights a potential concern for both Audi and Porsche vehicles utilizing similar components.

**E-Tron GT Lineup Updates:**

The Audi E-Tron GT lineup has received an update for increased efficiency and range. The base E-Tron GT model will be replaced by a new S E-Tron GT variant, positioning the RS E-Tron GT as the mid-range offering with the introduction of a new RS E-Tron GT Performance grade above it. The launch timeline for these updated models in the U.S. market is yet to be announced, awaiting further details from Audi.


In conclusion, Audi’s recall of E-Tron GT models due to a brake hose tear risk underscores the importance of addressing potential safety concerns promptly. By proactively replacing the front brake hoses in affected vehicles, Audi aims to ensure the continued safety and functionality of its electric sedan lineup. The seamless resolution process for owners, combined with the updates to the E-Tron GT lineup, showcases Audi’s commitment to improving its electric vehicle offerings. As similar recalls affect the Porsche Taycan, collaboration between automakers in addressing shared concerns highlights the industry’s dedication to maintaining high safety standards.

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