Workshop on Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Organized by Stellantis for Delegations from GSO and GCC

Stellantis Middle East Promotes Electric Vehicle Safety Standards in the Gulf Region

Stellantis Middle East, a global leader in automotive innovation, recently organized an insight session on Electric Vehicles (EVs) service center and vehicle safety standards for the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) and delegates from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) regulatory and standardization bodies. The event was held in Dubai to help regulatory bodies in the region understand best practices and procedures in EV service centers and ensure consistent safety standards across markets.

Stellantis and Sustainability
Underscoring Stellantis’ dedication to sustainability and leadership in vehicle electrification, the session provided a platform for GSO representatives to explore the latest EV technology. Discussions included an overview of Stellantis’s GSO-certified EV lineup, criteria for eExpert Center Certification, safety protocols for handling EV accidents, EV battery handling, service center safety requirements, and guidelines for EV personal protection equipment (PPE).

Stellantis’s contributions to the EV sector have been recognized by the GSO, with several Stellantis EV models certified by both the Gulf Standard Organization and the UAE Ministry of Industry. In addition, Stellantis provided electric vehicles to Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) and Qassim University in Saudi Arabia for a project assessing the suitability of EVs in hot environmental conditions.

Commitment to Innovation
Shahzad Tauqir, Director of Aftersales at Stellantis Middle East, expressed the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV mobility in the region. Stellantis remains dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability, working closely with regulatory bodies to enhance safety and environmental protection.

Collaboration with Regulatory Bodies
The session was attended by representatives from the GSO, UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, SASO, BSMD, DGSM, QS, and KOWSMD. The Stellantis Middle East delegation, led by Shahzad Tauqir, Director of Aftersales, and Suraj Chandrasekharan, National Service Manager from Swaidan Trading Co. LLC, showcased Stellantis’s commitment to promoting EV safety standards in the Gulf region.

Stellantis Middle East’s insight session on Electric Vehicle service center and safety standards demonstrated the company’s dedication to sustainability and leadership in vehicle electrification. By collaborating with regulatory bodies in the Gulf region, Stellantis is actively promoting best practices and procedures to ensure consistent safety standards across markets. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Stellantis is driving the evolution of EV mobility in the region.

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