Women in the UAE defy stereotypes and rely on instincts while selecting performance cars

The landscape of female drivers in the United Arab Emirates is evolving rapidly, with a survey conducted by Audi Abu Dhabi revealing that women are increasingly independent and confident in purchasing and driving performance cars. This shift in traditional norms is a testament to the growing autonomy and empowerment of female drivers in the region. As Audi Abu Dhabi prepares to launch the new Audi RS3 Sedan and RS3 Sportback models, the dealership aims to amplify the celebration of empowerment among female performance drivers.

Survey Results for U.A.E. Women Buying Performance Cars
The survey results highlighted that 73% of UAE residents recognize the autonomy of female drivers when it comes to purchasing performance cars. However, there are still lingering perceptions that women are less interested in performance cars, have less knowledge of them, and are less skilled at driving them. Despite this, the influence of external opinions was found to hold little sway over women’s decisions.

Championing Gender Equality in Driving Performance Cars
Scott Shears, General Manager of Audi Abu Dhabi, emphasized the brand’s commitment to empowering all drivers, regardless of gender. He noted that skill knows no gender at the wheel and praised the UAE government for its dedication to gender balance. The survey results reflect a fundamental belief in gender equality and the increasing number of female drivers in performance models.

Audi’s Commitment to Innovation and Performance
As Audi Abu Dhabi prepares to introduce the new RS3 Sedan and RS3 Sportback models, the dealership continues to champion innovation and performance in the automotive industry. The RS3 models boast impressive performance capabilities, with rapid acceleration and a top speed of up to 290 km/h. The high-performance engine, coupled with advanced technology like RS Torque Splitter and specific RS driving modes, delivers a thrilling driving experience.

Visual and Functional Enhancements in the RS3 Models
The all-new RS3 Sedan and RS3 Sportback models showcase Audi’s sporty DNA with a wider body design, RS sports exhaust system, and cockpit displays reminiscent of race cars. These enhancements not only contribute to the models’ aesthetic appeal but also enhance their functionality and performance capabilities.

Celebrating Empowerment Among Female Performance Drivers
As Audi Abu Dhabi prepares to launch the RS3 Sedan and RS3 Sportback, the dealership aims to celebrate the empowerment of female performance drivers. The survey results underscore the increasing autonomy and confidence of women in purchasing and driving performance cars, reflecting a significant shift in traditional norms. Audi’s commitment to gender equality and innovation in the automotive industry is evident in the upcoming launch of the RS3 models, which promise unparalleled driving dynamics and pure emotional experience for all drivers.

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