Witness the Mercedes-AMG C63 Hybrid Outperform the V-8 Version in a Drag Race

In the latest Carwow YouTube channel comparison test, the new Mercedes-AMG C63 S E-Performance is put head-to-head against its predecessor, the old V-8 powered C63 Estate. The new C63 features a complex hybrid system with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a departure from the beloved twin-turbo V-8 in the previous model. Despite the skepticism from enthusiasts, the new C63 proves to be incredibly quick in straight-line acceleration, thanks to its extra horsepower and standard all-wheel drive.

### Straight-Line Drag Races

The new C63 S E-Performance outshines the old V-8 car in a series of traditional standing start drag races. With its superior power and all-wheel drive, the new hybrid C63 finishes several car lengths ahead of the older model. However, the new C63 carries around 700 pounds of additional weight, which is surprisingly inconsequential in terms of performance.

### Roll Races

In a roll race, the old C63 manages to gain an early lead and hold its own against the hybrid C63 through the half-mile stretch. The finish is too close to determine a clear winner, showcasing the power and agility of the classic V-8 model. However, the new C63 eventually takes the win in subsequent roll races, albeit by a small margin, demonstrating its overall superiority in acceleration.

### Braking Tests

Despite the extra weight, the new C63 S E-Performance impresses with its braking capabilities, outperforming the old V-8 car in a braking test from 100 mph. The advanced technology in the hybrid system allows the new C63 to stop more than a car length shorter than its predecessor, highlighting the advancements in performance and safety features.

### Sound Matters

While the new C63 S E-Performance excels in terms of speed and power, some enthusiasts still prefer the classic 4.0-liter-powered C63 for its unmatched V-8 sound. The emotional connection and sensory experience of the V-8 engine can often outweigh the measurable performance advantages of the hybrid system, emphasizing the importance of sound and character in a high-performance vehicle.

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