Willow Springs International Raceway on the market for potential purchase

Willow Springs International Raceway is a historic racetrack located in Southern California, originally established in 1953 with the help of Ken Miles. Over the years, the track has been expanded and is now for sale with listing agents Team Scarborough. The Huth family, who has owned and operated the track for decades, is ready to pass the torch to new stewards. The unique and substantial motorsport complex is known as the “Fastest Road in the West” and offers a wide range of racetracks and amenities for enthusiasts.

### History of Willow Springs International Raceway
The racetrack was established in 1953 with the help of Ken Miles, and was later purchased by Bill and Maxine Huth in 1962. The Huth family expanded the recreational options at the track over the years, hosting various events, commercial shoots, and movie shoots. The track was designated as a California Point of Historical Interest in 1996, recognizing its significant contribution to motorsport history.

### Facilities and Tracks at Willow Springs
Willow Springs International Raceway is a 600-acre complex with seven racetracks, including the Balcony Autocross & Skidpad, Big Willow, Horse Thief Mile, Kart Track, Speedway Willow Springs, Streets of Willow Springs, and Walt James Stadium. In addition to the racetracks, the complex offers a variety of amenities such as dining and catering spaces, gift shops, fuel depot, pit complex, and water wells.

### Listing and Potential Sale of the Racetrack
The racetrack is currently for sale, with a valuation of $2,253,440 based on an assessment from June 4, 2024. The listing invites interested parties to submit an offering memorandum to be considered as a viable buyer. While the location may require some investment, the value is comparable to the price of a single luxury supercar, making it an attractive opportunity for potential buyers.

### Legacy of the Huth Family
The Huth family has been stewarding Willow Springs International Raceway for five generations, carrying on the legacy of their parents, Bill and Maxine Huth. The family has played a significant role in the development and preservation of the track, making it a popular destination for motorsport enthusiasts. The track’s legacy and history are highlighted in the Timeline and Family Legacy pages on the listing website.

### Future of Willow Springs International Raceway
The future of Willow Springs International Raceway lies in the hands of new owners who will continue the legacy of this iconic racetrack. The track has a rich history and has been a significant part of the motorsport community for decades. As the site looks to transition to new ownership, the potential for growth and development is immense, making it an exciting opportunity for passionate motorsport enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Willow Springs International Raceway is more than just a racetrack – it is a symbol of the enduring legacy of the Huth family and a significant part of motorsport history. As the track seeks new stewards to take it into the future, the potential for growth and development is limitless. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or a history buff, Willow Springs International Raceway offers a unique opportunity to be a part of something truly special in the world of motorsport.

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