Widespread car dealership disruption in U.S. and Canada amidst ongoing massive cyberattack

The recent cyberattacks on CDK Global, a software provider for over 15,000 dealers, have caused major disruptions in the auto industry in the U.S. and Canada. This has had a significant impact on dealerships and their customers, leading to delays in vehicle repairs, delivery, and sales. With CDK’s systems down, dealerships are resorting to manual processes and guesswork to keep their businesses running, resulting in lost revenue and frustrated customers.


1. The Impact of Cyberattacks on Auto Retailers
The cyberattacks on CDK Global have severely affected dealerships that rely on their software tools for day-to-day operations. This has caused delays in obtaining replacement parts, processing warranty claims, and completing vehicle sales and repairs.

2. Customer Frustrations and Delays
Customers across the U.S. and Canada are facing frustrations and delays due to the cyberattacks on CDK Global. From not being able to get information about their vehicles’ repairs to waiting indefinitely for new car deliveries, the impact on customers is significant.

3. Financial Consequences for Dealers and Investors
The cyberattacks on CDK Global have led to financial losses for both dealerships and investors. Stock prices of companies like AutoNation Inc. and Group 1 Automotive Inc. have seen significant drops, highlighting the economic impact of the cyberattacks on the auto industry.

4. Creative Solutions and Manual Processes
In response to CDK’s systems being down, dealerships are resorting to creative solutions and manual processes to keep their businesses running. From handwriting paper contracts to guessing creditworthiness based on limited information, dealerships are finding ways to complete transactions.

5. Looking Towards Recovery and Preventing Future Attacks
As dealerships navigate the challenges brought about by the cyberattacks on CDK Global, there is a focus on recovery and preventing future incidents. Dealers and software providers are working towards improving cybersecurity measures to protect against cyber threats in the future.

Overall, the cyberattacks on CDK Global have shed light on the vulnerabilities in the auto industry’s reliance on software providers for critical operations. Moving forward, there is a need for stronger cybersecurity measures and preparedness to prevent similar disruptions in the future.

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