Volvo EX90 to be released with basic features, additional updates via OTA coming later

The upcoming production of the Volvo EX90 at the South Carolina plant has brought some unexpected news for customers eagerly awaiting delivery. Volvo has sent out an email stating that certain features will be missing from some delivered units, and has posted a notice listing the 10 features that could be absent. These missing features include safety and ADAS features, as well as battery and charging functionalities. Despite these omissions, Volvo assures customers that the EX90 will still come equipped with key safety technologies, such as emergency steering to avoid collisions.

### Safety Features and Lidar System
The absence of certain safety features, including components related to the lidar system, may concern some customers. Volvo mentions that the lidar system will receive an update to enhance the car’s capabilities, particularly in low-light conditions. While some lidar functionality will be present, it may not be as comprehensive as initially planned.

### Battery Drainage and Charging
Customers should also be aware of potential battery drainage issues when the EX90 is parked for extended periods without charging. The core computing system must remain active to support the SUV’s advanced functions, resulting in a gradual battery drain. After three days of inactivity, the vehicle will enter a deep sleep mode to conserve battery power. Additionally, features such as smart charging, Plug & Charge, and bi-directional charging may not be available initially, requiring drivers to take extra steps to manage charging.

### Software Features
Two critical software features that may be missing from initial deliveries are Apple CarPlay and a light theme for the driver cluster and infotainment system. Customers should expect a dark theme on digital displays upon delivery. However, with over-the-air updates planned for the EX90, there remains a possibility for these features to be added in the future.

### Delivery Timeline and Potential Changes
Although EX90 deliveries are anticipated to start later this year, the list of missing features may change before the official release. Volvo continues to work on enhancing the EX90’s technology and software capabilities, offering customers a promising ownership experience despite the initial limitations.

In conclusion, while the news of Volvo’s production of the EX90 is exciting, customers should be aware of the potential missing features in their deliveries. Volvo is focused on providing a safe and innovative driving experience, and will continue to update and enhance the EX90’s features through over-the-air updates. Customers can look forward to a versatile and technologically advanced SUV that prioritizes their safety and convenience.

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