UPDATE: Fisker Wants To Partner With Another Automaker Before Its Goes Bankrupt


Automobile manufacturers across the globe are seeking ways to adapt to the changing landscape of the industry, particularly with the increasing demand for electric vehicles. The fate and future of companies are often tangled in investments, partnerships, and technological breakthroughs or challenges. One such story is that of the electric car company Fisker, which has found itself in a precarious position, prompted by substantial losses and consequent cost-cutting methods. Amidst financial chaos, there might be a silver lining for Fisker in the form of a proposed deal with Nissan, another key player in the global automobile market. This article explores Fisker’s current situation, their potential salvation through partnership with Nissan, and their future plans.

Potential Nissan and Fisker Deal

Nissan is purportedly in advanced talks with Fisker, according to a report by Reuters. The speculation is that the deal could potentially be sealed by the end of the month. As a part of this speculated deal, Nissan is expected to inject more than $400 million into the development of Fisker’s Alaska electric pickup platform. Furthermore, the Japanese automaker would lend its resources and factories in the U.S. to build the vehicle, as well as an EV truck using the same platform.

Fisker’s Financial Struggles

Fisker’s current plight is nothing short of grim. The company publicly admitted that they might exhaust their existence in a year, following a stark net loss of over $463 million in 2023. The company’s cash flow is diminishing rapidly, and it doesn’t have enough funds to continue operations for the next year. The company expressed its need to seek additional equity or debt financing to ensure its survival, but the success of these efforts remains uncertain.

Cost-Cutting Measures

As a part of its cost-cutting measures, Fisker is pruning its workforce by 15 percent. The majority of these layoffs would occur in sales strategy roles, as the company intends to transition from direct-to-consumer sales to a traditional dealer model. Alongside workforce reductions, Fisker has also signed contracts with 13 dealer partners in North America and Europe to streamline sales.

Production and Delivery Status

In terms of production and delivery, there is a mismatch in the figures. In 2023, Fisker produced 10,193 examples of the Ocean electric SUV but managed to deliver only 4,929 during the same year. Most of the undelivered vehicles have already been paid for by the customers, who now await delivery in the first quarter of 2024.

Fisker’s Future Plans

Going forward, Fisker plans to prioritize the development of the Alaska electric pickup, given they secure the financial backing they need. It seems the company firmly believes in the growth and profitability prospects of the pickup. “The biggest opportunity for growth and getting speed to market is with the Alaska,” stated Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker. The internal team has shifted their focus to the development of the Alaska model, making it a potential lifeline for the company.

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