Turn Your Lexus GX into a Pizza Oven with This Feature

Lexus GX Collaboration with Monogram: Turning an SUV into a Luxury Culinary Experience

Lexus has given the GX a major update for 2024, introducing a new concept in collaboration with luxury appliance brand Monogram. The result is an all-new SUV that combines ruggedness and versatility with high-end luxury features. Priced at $65,000, the GX now comes equipped with Monogram’s 30-inch electric oven, perfect for baking pizzas, artisanal bread, and more. With chilling compartments for drinks, cutlery, hardware, and storage space, this SUV offers a unique culinary experience on the go.

The Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space
The Lexus GX collaboration with Monogram transforms the SUV into the ultimate outdoor entertaining space. External storage cubbies built into the rear windows feature cutouts for wine and bourbon bottles, a bottle opener, and glasses, creating a convenient bar setup. The GX also boasts the first and only heated ice press in the US, producing spherical ice cubes perfect for cocktails. With two-tone camel leather seating, custom pattern door panel trim, and accents of brass, titanium, and Dekton slate stone, the interior exudes luxury and sophistication.

Luxury Features and Amenities
In addition to the Monogram oven, the GX concept includes a range of luxury features and amenities. Exterior wine and bourbon storage compartments, chilling compartments, a plating station, and a wine and spirits bar enhance the SUV’s versatility and functionality. Custom rims, unique exterior trim, and premium materials like leather and metals elevate the GX’s design aesthetic and overall appeal.

Debut at Aspen Food and Wine Classic
The Lexus GX collaboration with Monogram made its public debut at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic, showcasing the SUV’s luxurious culinary capabilities. The concept garnered attention for its innovative approach to combining luxury automotive design with high-end kitchen appliances, setting a new standard for on-the-go gourmet experiences.

The Lexus GX collaboration with Monogram represents a groundbreaking approach to luxury SUV design, incorporating high-end kitchen appliances and amenities into the vehicle to create a unique culinary experience. With its practical yet stylish features, the GX concept sets a new standard for outdoor entertaining and luxury travel. This innovative collaboration highlights the endless possibilities for integrating luxury and functionality in the automotive industry, pushing boundaries and redefining the concept of luxury on the road.

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