Toyota introduces hydrogen-powered stone oven to make pizzas

Toyota: Exploring Hydrogen-Powered Innovations Beyond Cars

Toyota, the busiest automaker in the business, produced 11.52 million cars in 2023. Despite its dominance in the automotive industry, Toyota is not limiting its innovations to cars. It has ventured into non-automotive fields, such as building the world’s first hydrogen-powered stone oven. Collaborating with Japanese gas appliance maker Rinnai, Toyota introduced the stone oven at the Japan Mobility Show. The oven was used to serve freshly baked pizzas and croissants, which became a hit, especially among children. Toyota’s staff now uses the oven to make pizzas and croissants during work hours.

Exploring Hydrogen in Culinary Arts

Encouraged by the success of the hydrogen-powered stone oven, Toyota expanded its hydrogen cooking inventions. The company introduced the hydrogen grille, which was used at various Toyota-endorsed motorsport activities. Additionally, Toyota’s workers developed a hydrogen-powered kamado, showcasing the company’s creativity and commitment to hydrogen technology in various fields beyond automotive.

Challenges and Future Endeavors in Hydrogen Technology

While Toyota’s hydrogen efforts have not yielded significant sales, with the Mirai facing challenges in the market, the company remains dedicated to hydrogen technology. The Mirai and the Crown sedan are still offered in Japan with hydrogen powertrains. Engineers are working on prototypes like the GR Yaris H2 and GR Corolla H2, exploring internal combustion engines that burn hydrogen. Toyota is also developing the GR H2 Racing, a concept hydrogen-powered race car for the Le Mans H2 class.

Collaboration for Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles

Toyota has formed partnerships with BMW, a company that shares the vision of hydrogen-fueled vehicles in the future automotive industry. This collaboration signifies Toyota’s commitment to advancing hydrogen technology and exploring new avenues for its use beyond traditional fuel sources.

Toyota’s Impact on Hydrogen-Powered Innovations

Through its groundbreaking hydrogen-powered inventions and collaborations, Toyota is leading the way in exploring the potential of hydrogen technology beyond cars. The company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability underscores its commitment to creating a greener future through unconventional means. With its diverse range of hydrogen-powered products and ongoing efforts in developing hydrogen-fueled vehicles, Toyota is shaping the future of sustainable technology across various industries.

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