Toyota GR86 Sales Five Times Higher than Subaru BRZ

Toyota GR86 vs Subaru BRZ: Sales Comparison

The Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ, two similar sports cars under the skin, have shockingly different sales figures in the United States. As of the second quarter of 2024, the GR86 has outsold the BRZ by a significant margin, leading to questions about why the disparity exists.

**GR86 Dominates Sales**

Toyota’s GR86 has proven to be the more popular choice among consumers, with 7,467 units sold in the US compared to the BRZ’s 1,414 sales figures. The GR86’s sales have increased by 41.9% in the first half of the year, indicating strong demand for this model.

**BRZ’s Limited Availability**

One possible explanation for the BRZ’s lackluster sales performance could be its limited availability at dealerships. Despite being similar to the GR86 in terms of design and performance, the BRZ has struggled to attract as many buyers. Subaru needs to address this issue to improve the BRZ’s sales performance.

**Toyota’s Strong Retail Network**

Another factor contributing to the sales gap between the GR86 and BRZ is Toyota’s robust retail network in the US. Toyota’s wider reach and market presence may have helped the GR86 outperform the BRZ in terms of sales volume.

**Subaru’s Challenges**

Subaru has reported a 43.7% decline in BRZ sales from January to June, making it the slowest-selling product in the company’s lineup during that period. The brand needs to address this issue and find ways to boost the BRZ’s appeal to consumers.

**Future Outlook**

Toyota’s decision to discontinue the base model of the Supra for the 2025 model year could impact the sales of its more expensive sports car. With a 7.8% drop in demand for the Supra, Toyota needs to evaluate its strategy for this model to maintain its market position.

In conclusion, the Toyota GR86 has emerged as the clear winner in the sales battle with the Subaru BRZ. Toyota’s strong retail network, along with the GR86’s popularity among consumers, has allowed it to outsell its platform-sharing sibling by a significant margin. Subaru needs to address the BRZ’s availability and appeal to close the sales gap and compete more effectively in the affordable sports car segment.

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