Toyota Aims to Produce More Exciting Vehicles with Collaborative Efforts

Toyota’s Future Sports Cars: Collaborations and Innovations

Toyota has always been known for its sports cars like the MR2, Celica, and Supra. However, in recent years, the Japanese automaker has shifted its focus towards collaborations with other companies to share development costs and make sports car projects financially feasible. While enthusiasts may be disappointed by the lack of standalone Toyota sports cars, collaborations with Subaru for the GR86/BRZ and BMW for the Supra/Z4 have proven to be successful ventures.

### The Future of Toyota’s Sports Cars
According to Gazoo Racing President Tomoya Takahashi, Toyota is determined to pump out more sports cars in the future. However, the company has acknowledged that it cannot sustain sports car production as a single brand. With the sports car market shrinking, Toyota is looking at collaborations with other automakers to stay in the game. This approach allows for spreading out costs and making sports cars more accessible to car enthusiasts.

### Collaboration with Other Automakers
While Toyota has not confirmed which automakers it will collaborate with for future sports car projects, the possibility of joining forces with Mazda has been speculated. Given Toyota’s hybrid expertise and Mazda’s commitment to saving internal combustion engines, a collaboration between the two companies could lead to innovative and environmentally-friendly sports cars. With Toyota already owning a five-percent share in Mazda, a joint effort seems plausible.

### The Potential for New Sports Cars
While Toyota has hinted at a possible Celica reboot in the future, the absence of spy shots suggests that a market launch may still be several years away. In the meantime, Toyota may focus on expanding its lineup with a performance SUV to cater to families who desire more space. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the launch of new sports cars, the recent spotting of a Toyota GR GT3 race car prototype hints at a road-going Lexus version with a V-8 engine and turbochargers, expected to debut as early as next year.

### Embracing Innovation and Diversity
Toyota’s top brass at Gazoo Racing emphasizes the importance of rolling out fun cars rather than just fast cars. The goal is to protect and nurture car enthusiasts by offering a diverse range of vehicles that cater to different preferences. Whether it’s a performance SUV, a sports car collaboration with another automaker, or an electrified model, Toyota remains committed to keeping car enthusiasts excited about the brand.

### Conclusion
Despite the changing landscape of the sports car market, Toyota’s commitment to producing fun and innovative vehicles remains steadfast. By collaborating with other automakers and exploring new technologies, Toyota is poised to continue its legacy of creating iconic sports cars that resonate with enthusiasts worldwide. With the upcoming launch of the GR GT3/LFR and potential collaborations with companies like Mazda, the future of Toyota’s sports cars looks promising and full of exciting possibilities.

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