Top-Rated Stick Vacuum on Sale for Independence Day – Only $90 at Walmart


Vacuums are a crucial tool for maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. With the ongoing Walmart early July 4th deals, there’s a standout offer on the PrettyCare Lightweight Stick Cordless Vacuum priced at $89.99. This deal is available for a limited time only, so act fast to take advantage of the discounts on this powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner.

Powerful Cleaning Performance

The PrettyCare Lightweight Stick Cordless Vacuum is powered by a Lithium-ion battery and features a HEPA filter to eliminate microscopic particles for a cleaner living space. With a suction power of up to 26,000Pa, this vacuum offers impressive cleaning capabilities comparable to traditional canister vacuums. It also includes two cleaning modes, providing 45 minutes of runtime in 12,000Pa and 20 minutes in 26,000Pa.

Convenient Design Features

This cordless stick vacuum is equipped with a 180-degree rotating floor brush and a 90-degree vertical run brush head with LED lights, making it easy to maneuver around corners and under furniture with minimal effort. The lightweight design of the PrettyCare vacuum adds to its convenience, allowing for easy control and maneuverability during the cleaning process.

User-Friendly Attachments

Included with the PrettyCare Lightweight Stick Cordless Vacuum are two attachments: a 2-in-1 brush and a crevice tool, making it easy to clean various surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. The vacuum also boasts a 1.2-liter dust cup capacity, reducing the frequency of emptying out the dust and debris collected during cleaning sessions.

Advanced Filtration System

The PrettyCare vacuum features a 4-stage filtration system with washable filters, ensuring that the air in your home remains free of dust and allergens. This advanced filtration system not only enhances the cleaning performance of the vacuum but also contributes to improved indoor air quality.


Overall, the PrettyCare Lightweight Stick Cordless Vacuum offers a compelling combination of power, convenience, and user-friendly features at a discounted price of $89.99 during Walmart’s early July 4th deals. With its high suction power, versatile attachments, and advanced filtration system, this vacuum is a practical choice for anyone looking to upgrade their cleaning routine. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer and purchase your PrettyCare vacuum today to enjoy a cleaner and healthier home environment.

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