Tony Roma named as successor to Tadge Juechter as Corvette chief

General Motors has announced Tony Roma as the new executive chief engineer of the Corvette program, alongside the new Global Performance Cars team, effective in July following Tadge Juechter’s retirement. Roma, who has extensive experience working on various Cadillac projects, expressed his strong connection to the Corvette team and their fans worldwide. With a garage full of high-performance vehicles and GM’s highest test driver rating, Roma is well-prepared to take on his new role.

**Diving into the Corvette Program**

Roma’s background in the automotive industry and his personal passion for racing and car culture make him a suitable candidate to lead the Corvette program. With experience in various GM projects, he will bring a unique perspective to the iconic American sports car. His extensive involvement in car events and testing environments will allow him to understand the needs and preferences of Corvette enthusiasts.

**Transition from Cadillac to Corvette**

After working on Cadillac projects like the ATS, CTS, Celestiq, and Blackwings, Roma’s return to the Corvette program signifies a shift towards performance-driven vehicles. His personal collection of high-performance cars reflects his dedication to the automotive world and his commitment to excellence. As he takes on the role of executive chief engineer, Roma promises to honor the legacy of the Corvette while looking towards the future of the iconic brand.

**Honoring the Corvette Legacy**

Roma acknowledges the significant contributions of those who have worked on the Corvette program in the past, including Tadge Juechter. With a deep sense of respect for the history of the Corvette, Roma aims to continue the legacy of excellence and innovation that has defined the brand for decades. His goal is to build on the success of the Corvette and ensure that it remains a staple in American car history.

**Farewell to Tadge Juechter**

After a 47-year career with General Motors, Tadge Juechter is retiring from his role as chief engineer on the Corvette program. Throughout his tenure, Juechter has been a driving force behind the success of the Corvette, overseeing the development of numerous iconic models. His departure marks the end of an era for the Corvette program, as Roma prepares to step into his shoes and lead the team towards new milestones.

**Looking Ahead: The Future of the Corvette Program**

As Tony Roma takes on his new role as executive chief engineer of the Corvette program, he faces the challenge of maintaining the brand’s reputation for performance, innovation, and quality. With a strong team and a deep commitment to the Corvette legacy, Roma is well-positioned to lead the program into the future. As he continues to build on the success of the Corvette, fans can expect exciting developments and enhancements to one of America’s most beloved sports cars.

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