Three Upcoming Jeep Models, Including the Electric Renegade, to Be Released Soon.

In recent years, Jeep has been revitalizing its lineup with new models such as the Grand Cherokee, Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, and the upcoming all-electric Wagoneer S. However, according to a presentation from Stellantis’s 2024 Investor Day, Jeep has even more SUVs in the works. This new wave of vehicles includes a revived Renegade, a new version of the Compass, and a third unnamed SUV dubbed the “New Mainstream UV.”

Revived Renegade with Electric Powertrain
The first of Jeep’s upcoming SUVs is a refreshed Renegade, set to debut by 2027 with an electric powertrain option priced at under $25,000. Despite rumors of the Renegade being discontinued in the US after 2023, the subcompact SUV will make a return with a modern update.

New Compass Model
In the same year, Jeep will unveil a fresh version of the compact Compass, extending the life of the nameplate until at least 2027. The Compass, which was also rumored to be phased out after 2023, will receive updates to keep it relevant in the competitive SUV market.

Unnamed “New Mainstream UV”
Aside from the Renegade and Compass, Jeep has a third undisclosed SUV on the horizon referred to as the “New Mainstream UV.” Positioned as a D-Segment vehicle, this model will slot below the Grand Cherokee in Jeep’s lineup, expanding the brand’s offerings to cater to various customer preferences.

Jeep’s Growth Strategy and Market Expansion
Jeep’s plans for the future include an ambitious goal of increasing its market share in the US from 45% to 85% and global sales from one million to 1.5 million units. With a focus on expanding its US manufacturing capacity, Jeep aims to have 10 SUVs and one truck, the Gladiator, available for customers in the States by 2027.

The evolution of Jeep’s lineup with the upcoming Renegade, Compass, and “New Mainstream UV” models demonstrates the brand’s commitment to innovation and catering to diverse customer needs. By expanding its offerings and investing in electric powertrains, Jeep is positioning itself for continued success and growth in the competitive SUV market. Stay tuned for more updates on Jeep’s exciting new SUVs coming in the years ahead.

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