The Saudi Toyota Championship 2024 sees the Saudi Team shining


The GR Saudi Team has recently participated in the Saudi Toyota Championship 2024 with the support of Jameel Motorsport, showcasing exceptional performance and sportsmanship. The team members have demonstrated unique skills, determination, and dedication, achieving remarkable results in various categories. This article highlights their achievements and reflects on their successes as they prepare for future competitions.

The GR Saudi Team’s Dominance
The GR Saudi Team, led by Hamza Bakhashab, Mahmoud Abed, Abdullah Kabbani, Reem Al Aboud, and Yousef Bahuwirth, delivered outstanding performances in the recent rounds of the Saudi Toyota Championship. In the Autocross and Time Attack competitions, Hamza Bakhashab dominated the G1+ category, securing first place in both events with exceptional driving skills.

Mahmoud Abed also excelled in the Autocross and Time Attack competitions in the G4+ category, claiming first place in both events. Abdullah Kabbani displayed his talent by coming first in Autocross and second in Time Attack in the G2 category. Reem Al Aboud made her mark in multiple categories, securing first place in the Autocross Ladies Cup, second place in Autocross (G1+ category), and third place in Time Attack (G1+ category).

Yousef Bahuwirth’s impressive performance in the Drift competition earned him second place in the Pro category, showcasing precision and control that thrilled the audience. The team’s success is a testament to their dedication, skill, and passion for motorsports, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the sport.

Jameel Motorsport’s Support
Munir Khoja, Managing Director, Marketing Communications at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, commended the GR Saudi Team for their achievements, praising their professionalism and commitment to excellence. Khoja highlighted the team’s dedication and skill, expressing his excitement for their future successes in the world of motorsports. The support from Jameel Motorsport has been instrumental in motivating and encouraging the team to push boundaries and achieve new heights in their racing careers.

Team Reflection and Future Goals
As the GR Saudi Team reflects on their recent accomplishments, they are focused on their upcoming participation in the Saudi Toyota Championship in Taif. Yousef Bahuwirth is gearing up to tackle the challenges of the third round of the Drift competition with determination and confidence. The team is eager to continue their winning streak and build on their momentum in the upcoming rounds of the championship.

In conclusion, the GR Saudi Team’s exceptional performance and sportsmanship in the Saudi Toyota Championship 2024 demonstrate their unwavering dedication and skill in the world of motorsports. Their achievements set a new standard for excellence in the sport, inspiring fans and aspiring racers alike. As they continue to pursue their racing careers, the GR Saudi Team serves as role models for future generations of motorsport enthusiasts.

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