The online leak of the 2025 BMW X3

The leaked image of the upcoming BMW X3 reveals a heavily revised SUV with a unique grille pattern and a design that borrows elements from the XM SUV. There are hints of a sporty and digitally-inspired vibe, with a smoother shape compared to the outgoing model. The new X3 is expected to come with four- and six-cylinder engine options, with the possibility of hybrid or PHEV models in the future. The all-electric iX3 will arrive later and may feature different styling than the gas-powered X3.
##Unique Design Elements
The image of the new BMW X3 showcases a distinctive grille pattern that combines diagonal and vertical lines. It takes inspiration from the XM SUV but avoids the strange pig-nose look in the front. The headlights are now a one-piece design, giving the SUV a refreshed appearance.
##Engine Options and Electrification
BMW is set to offer both four- and six-cylinder engine options for the new X3, with the potential for hybrid or PHEV models. The all-electric iX3 will join the lineup later, featuring BMW’s Neue Klasse architecture. The design of the electric SUV may diverge from its gas-powered counterpart.
##Plug-In Variant and Exterior Updates
The leaked image suggests that the new X3 may be a plug-in variant, as evidenced by the additional “fuel” door on the fender. In addition to the refreshed design, the SUV will come with flush door handles and ride on a wider track compared to its predecessor.
##Interior Expectations
While interior images are not yet available, it is expected that the updated X3 will feature a clean design with large screens and BMW’s latest iDrive infotainment software. A modern and tech-forward interior can be anticipated based on BMW’s recent design trends.

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