The New Bugatti Shares Similarities with an Old Citroen

Bugatti’s Innovative Interior Design

Bugatti’s new hypercar, the Tourbillon, is not only known for its astonishing technical specifications and stunning design, but also for its unique interior layout that includes a fixed steering wheel hub. This feature, which was inspired by an old Citroën model, allows the instrument cluster to be attached to the steering wheel, ensuring that the driver always has an unobstructed view of important information.

History of the Fixed Steering Wheel Hub

The concept of a fixed steering wheel hub is not new, as it was first seen in the 2004 Citroën C4 compact hatchback. In this model, only the rim of the steering wheel rotated, while the center remained stationary. The goal was to keep all the buttons and warning lights in a fixed position for the driver, even during sharp turns. Although this design was also used in other Citroën models, it was eventually abandoned.

The Bugatti Tourbillon’s Instrument Cluster

Bugatti has reimagined the fixed steering wheel hub concept in the Tourbillon by integrating a titanium instrument cluster onto the steering wheel’s hub. This design ensures that the driver always has a clear view of the analog dials, including the tachometer and speedometer. Additionally, a small screen displays important information such as speed and gear position, offering a perfect blend of classic and modern design.

Influence of Italian and Swedish Automakers

Interestingly, the idea of a fixed steering wheel hub was also seen in the 1972 Maserati Boomerang concept car, which featured dials and switches from a Citroën SM. More recently, Koenigsegg implemented a similar concept in the Jesko, with a gyroscopic digital instrument cluster mounted to the steering wheel hub. This ensures that the display remains horizontal regardless of the wheel’s position.

The Future of Interior Design

The innovative interior design of the Bugatti Tourbillon showcases the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining traditional concepts. By combining elements of classic design with modern technology, Bugatti has created a truly unique driving experience that sets the Tourbillon apart from other hypercars. As automakers continue to explore new possibilities in interior design, it will be interesting to see how these concepts evolve in future models.

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