The Most Stylish Off-Road Dodge Viper You’ll Ever See

The Dodge Viper, known for its speed and performance on tarmac, has been transformed into a desert-ready off-roader in a unique modification project. SuperFastMatt, a YouTube channel, has spent a year making extensive modifications to a first-generation Viper from the 1990s, turning it into a competent desert runner. With custom uprights for the front suspension, aftermarket long-travel shocks and springs, and a solid axle from a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in the rear, this Viper is ready to take on the rough terrain.

Testing the safari Viper in the desert revealed some minor issues, such as elevated coolant temperatures and difficulty in modulating torque during rock-crawling due to the lack of a low-speed transfer case. However, the car handled jumps well, thanks to its balloon-like tires and big-travel dampers. Some interior trim pieces came loose during the testing, but the necessary repairs are relatively minor.

With its standout looks and impressive performance off-road, the safari Viper showcases the creativity and skill of the SuperFastMatt team. This modification project highlights the versatility of the Dodge Viper and its potential for adventure beyond the usual pavement.

Extensive Modifications for Off-Road Use

The SuperFastMatt YouTube channel has spent a year disassembling, cutting, and reassembling a first-generation Viper, making significant changes to its suspension and drivetrain. Custom uprights for the front suspension, aftermarket shocks and springs, and a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon solid axle in the rear have transformed the Viper into a capable off-road vehicle. The 8.0-liter V-10 engine and Tremec T-56 transmission remain untouched, ensuring the Viper retains its powerful performance.

Testing in the Desert

Taking the safari Viper to the desert for testing, Matt from SuperFastMatt put the modified car through its paces. From donuts and jumps to rock-crawling, the Viper proved its off-road capabilities. Despite a few issues such as elevated coolant temperatures and challenges in torque modulation at low speeds, the Viper handled the rough terrain well. Jumps were a highlight, showcasing the Viper’s ability to land smoothly with the help of its specialized suspension setup.

Minor Issues and Repairs

During testing in the desert, the safari Viper experienced some minor issues, such as interior trim pieces coming loose and custom suspension components beginning to separate. These issues are easily fixable with some additional welding and reattachment of parts. Despite these challenges, the Viper’s performance in the desert was impressive, demonstrating its versatility and adaptability to different terrains.

Creative Transformation of a Classic Car

The safari Viper project exemplifies the innovative spirit of automotive enthusiasts who push the boundaries of what a car can do. Transforming a classic sports car like the Dodge Viper into an off-road desert runner requires skill, creativity, and dedication. The SuperFastMatt team has successfully reimagined the Viper, showcasing its potential for adventure and excitement beyond traditional roadways.


The safari Viper project is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of the Dodge Viper, a car known for its performance on smooth pavement. By making extensive modifications to the Viper, the SuperFastMatt team has transformed it into a capable off-roader that can handle the challenges of the desert. Despite some minor issues during testing, the safari Viper proves that with the right modifications, even a high-performance sports car can become a rugged and adventurous vehicle. This project highlights the creative possibilities within the automotive community and serves as an inspiration for enthusiasts looking to push the limits of their vehicles.

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