The Little Electric Vehicle Beats the AMG One by 14 Seconds on the Track

The McMurtry Spéirling: Taking The Crown As The Fastest Car Around Hockenheim

With a lap time of 1 minute and 38.5 seconds, the Mercedes-AMG One was the fastest production car with a license plate around Hockenheim. However, the McMurtry Spéirling, a tiny but mighty electric vehicle, has claimed the title as the fastest car overall around the challenging German track by shaving off a whopping 14.1 seconds, completing a lap of the Grand Prix course in 1 minute and 24.4 seconds. Despite being purpose-built for the track and different from the AMG One, the Spéirling is an impressive feat with its performance and capabilities.

The Ultra-Fast McMurtry Spéirling

Designed for Speed
The McMurtry Spéirling is a purpose-built, track-only machine with a single seat, racing slicks, and incredible performance capabilities. It is significantly lighter than other vehicles, such as the ND-generation MX-5, but packs around 1,000 horsepower channeled to the rear wheels. Despite its small size, it delivers neck-snapping acceleration and impressive lap times.

Impressive Power and Design
The Spéirling boasts a peak output of around 1,000 horsepower and a 60-kWh battery that can be charged in less than 20 minutes. While its range is not explicitly mentioned, the focus of the car is on delivering incredible performance rather than long-distance driving. The vehicle’s lightweight design, combined with its high horsepower output, makes it a force to be reckoned with on the track.

The Costs and Availability of the McMurtry Spéirling

Price Tag and Limited Production
The McMurtry Spéirling comes with a high price tag of £895,000 before taxes and delivery fees, roughly equivalent to $1.13 million. Only 100 units of the vehicle will be produced, with plans to start deliveries to customers in 2025. The exclusivity and high-performance capabilities of the Spéirling make it a sought-after vehicle for track enthusiasts.

The McMurtry Spéirling has set a new standard for speed and performance around the Hockenheim track, surpassing even the Mercedes-AMG One in terms of lap time. With its purpose-built design, impressive power output, and limited production availability, the Spéirling is a vehicle that showcases the pinnacle of track-focused engineering and performance.

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