The latest BMW 1 Series model features an M1 Badge

BMW has introduced a new 1 Series with front-wheel drive and transversally mounted engines, including a three-cylinder option. The top-of-the-line M135 model has dropped the “i” at the end of its name, but what’s intriguing is the revised rear logo design. The “M” and “1” remain the same size as before, but the “3” and “5” are now smaller, giving the impression of an M1 model from a distance. Despite the confusion, the M135 is not equipped with a 3.5-liter engine. BMW’s approach to badge design is not consistent, with some models like the M440i sticking to the old format while others like the M760e and electric i5 M60 and iX M60 emphasize the “M.” This shift in badge design reflects BMW’s efforts to bridge the gap between M Lite and full-fledged M models, visually at least.

The Unique Design of the Rear Badge on the M135
The rear badge on the new M135 features a design that is different from its predecessors, with the “M” and “1” maintaining their size while the “3” and “5” are smaller. This design choice has led to confusion among enthusiasts, as the badge now resembles that of the iconic M1 model, despite the M135 not being related to it in any way.

A Closer Look at the M Madness
The M madness continues with the M135, as the car now sports quad exhausts and the signature M mirror design, features previously reserved for true M models. The front grille of the M135 also boasts the M badge, a departure from its predecessor. The use of these design elements on the M135 blurs the line between M Lite models and full-fledged M cars.

Inconsistencies in Badge Design Across BMW Models
BMW’s approach to badge design is not consistent across its models, with some adhering to the new format seen on the M135, while others like the M440i continue to use the old design. Electric models like the i5 M60 and iX M60 emphasize the “M” in the badge, adding to the confusion surrounding BMW’s badge design strategy.

Narrowing the Gap Between M Lite and Full-Fledged M Models
BMW’s revised badge design signifies the company’s efforts to bridge the visual gap between M Lite models and true M cars. By incorporating M design elements into models like the M135, BMW aims to create a cohesive design language that highlights the performance potential of its entire lineup, from M Lite to full-fledged M models.

The Impact of Badge Design on BMW’s Sales
BMW’s badge design strategy has had an impact on its sales, with models like the i4 M50 becoming top sellers within the BMW M lineup. The inclusion of not-quite-M vehicles in the M division’s sales reports showcases the brand’s commitment to blurring the lines between M Lite and full-fledged M models, both visually and in terms of sales success.

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