‘The Inaugural Electric Ferrari Promises a Genuine Engine Sound’

Ferrari’s Electric Car: What to Expect in 2025

It’s been a little over three years since Ferrari announced plans to launch an electric car, and the first Prancing Horse with zero emissions is still on track for a late 2025 launch. Despite transitioning away from the internal combustion engine, the EV from Maranello won’t be completely silent. While some electric cars fake combustion engine noises and simulated gear changes, Ferrari promises an “authentic” sound experience.

### Authentic Sound Experience
Product Marketing and Marketing Intelligence Director Emanuele Carando mentioned that the sound of the Ferrari EV will always be authentic. This hints at potentially amplifying the whine of the electric motor to produce a unique and unmistakably Ferrari sound. The goal is to deliver different emotions compared to the current crop of models, keeping the brand’s essence intact even in the realm of electric vehicles.

### Unveiling the EV
Ferrari has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of the upcoming electric car, including its design and performance features. The car is set to be built at a new production site in Maranello, with production gearing up to meet the planned late 2025 launch date. The unnamed model is projected to account for five percent of Ferrari’s sales in 2026, its first full year on sale.

### Coexistence with Combustion Engines
Despite the upcoming EV, Ferrari has no plans to discontinue its iconic V-12 engine just yet. The company intends to keep the twelve-cylinder engine around until regulations dictate otherwise. Carando assures enthusiasts that Ferrari will continue to offer a range of powertrain options, including pure gas engines, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles, allowing customers to choose based on their preferences.

### Electric Competition
Ferrari is set to beat rival Lamborghini to the electric vehicle market, with the latter not launching its electric 2+2 grand tourer until 2028. By the end of the decade, Ferrari anticipates that 40 percent of its annual sales will comprise cars without a combustion engine, marking a significant shift towards electrification for the Italian supercar manufacturer.

### Conclusion
As Ferrari prepares to unveil its first electric car in 2025, anticipation is high for what the iconic automaker will bring to the EV market. With promises of an “authentic” sound experience and a focus on delivering unique emotions to drivers, the Ferrari EV is poised to redefine the electric supercar segment. As the company navigates the transition towards electrification, maintaining the essence of the brand while embracing new technologies will be key to its success in the evolving automotive landscape.

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