The Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck: A bold electric race truck built for conquering Pikes Peak

Ford has unveiled its Pikes Peak F-150 Lightning SuperTruck, a unique pickup EV racecar designed to break records at the annual Pikes Peak Hill Climb. With impressive specs and a jaw-dropping design, this SuperTruck is set to make a statement at the race on June 23. Let’s dive deeper into the details of this impressive vehicle and what makes it stand out from the competition.

1. Impressive Power and Performance
The Pikes Peak F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is powered by a tri-motor EV system that produces a whopping 1,400 horsepower from STARD UHP six-phase electric motors. While Ford has not disclosed specific acceleration or top speed figures, the driver, Romain Dumas, is aiming to beat the record set in the SuperVan last year of 8 minutes 47.682 seconds. This powertrain is designed to excel in the challenging conditions of Pikes Peak and provide unmatched performance.

2. Aerodynamic Design
The aerodynamic elements of the SuperTruck are truly impressive, with the design bordering on the line of being cartoon-ish. Ford highlights features such as a triple-element front wing, headlight ducts, hood ducts, louvers, front dive-planes, side diffusers, rear diffuser, and a multi-element rear wing that contribute to the 6,000 pounds of downforce at 150 mph. This aerodynamic setup ensures maximum stability and performance during the challenging race up the mountain.

3. Custom Suspension and Braking
The SuperTruck features a custom in-board suspension design that is tailored to handle the demands of the Pikes Peak course. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with carbon ceramic brakes that provide impressive stopping power and control. The combination of custom suspension and high-performance brakes ensures that the SuperTruck can handle the intense conditions of the race with ease.

4. Partnership and Design
The Pikes Peak F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is the result of a partnership between Ford Design and STARD Advanced Research and Development. Every aspect of the vehicle, from the Li-Polymer NMC cells to the tri-motor setup, was meticulously designed to excel at a place like Pikes Peak. The collaboration between these two companies has resulted in a truly unique and impressive vehicle that is set to make waves at the race.

5. Ford Performance Livery
The SuperTruck features a Ford Performance livery that is reminiscent of liveries seen on other recent Ford products. This distinctive livery ensures that the vehicle will stand out on the track and be easily recognizable as it races up the mountain. The combination of performance-focused design elements and the iconic Ford livery make the SuperTruck a standout vehicle in the race.

In conclusion, Ford’s Pikes Peak F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is a truly impressive vehicle that pushes the boundaries of performance and design. With its powerful tri-motor EV system, aerodynamic design, custom suspension, and partnership with STARD, this SuperTruck is set to dominate the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and set new records in the process. Stay tuned for June 23 to see this incredible vehicle in action as it takes on the challenging course and showcases its impressive capabilities.

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