The European Price of the Ford Mustang GTD Reaches $562,000

In the highly competitive world of sports cars, Ford has recently announced the availability of its range-topping Mustang GTD in Europe, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. With the application window for the United States and Canada now closed, interested buyers have until July 19 to express their interest in purchasing this high-performance vehicle. However, potential buyers should be prepared to dig deep into their pockets, as prices for the Mustang GTD vary significantly across different countries due to local taxes.

### Discrepancies in Pricing
The pricing for the Mustang GTD ranges from as high as $562,300 in Austria to as low as $325,000 in Puerto Rico and the United States. European countries like Romania and Germany offer a more affordable price of $385,100, while Canada provides the best deal at $320,000, although the order books for the country have been closed. These varying prices reflect the impact of local taxes on the final cost of the vehicle, making it essential for buyers to consider these factors when making a purchase decision.

### Production Schedule and Availability
Production for the Mustang GTD in the US and Canada is set to begin in late 2024 or early next year, with enough orders to last through the 2025 and 2026 model years. European production is expected to start in the spring, but buyers in this region may face additional challenges. The car is currently undergoing homologation, and it may not be street-legal in all markets, potentially limiting its use to track-only purposes in certain countries. Customers who are approved to purchase the vehicle will receive information regarding its street-legal status and license plate requirements.

### Pricing Information by Country
Ford has released pricing information for the Mustang GTD in various countries, with buyers in Europe required to take delivery in Spain. Prices range from €359,900 in Romania and Germany to €525,500 in Austria, reflecting the significant price differences based on local taxes and regulations. For countries like Denmark and Norway, prices exceed $400,000, while the UK offers a comparatively lower price of $399,200.

### Conclusion
The availability of the Mustang GTD in Europe and other regions presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire a high-performance sports car from Ford. However, the significant price variations and potential street-legal restrictions in certain countries highlight the complexity of purchasing this flagship model. As production ramps up in different regions, buyers must consider the local regulations and taxes that can impact the final cost of the vehicle. Overall, the Mustang GTD remains a sought-after model for performance-driven individuals looking to experience the thrill of driving a Ford powerhouse on the road.

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