Tesla’s presence grows in Qatar

Opening of Tesla’s First Store and Supercharger in Qatar

Tesla has recently made significant strides in Qatar with the opening of its first permanent store and the first Tesla Supercharger in the country. These milestones mark a key moment in Qatar’s journey towards sustainable energy and showcase Tesla’s commitment to expanding its presence in the region.

Tesla Store in Qatar:
Located in Doha Festival City, the new Tesla Store provides Qataris with the opportunity to explore Tesla’s lineup and engage with knowledgeable product experts. Operating seven days a week, visitors can test drive vehicles such as the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y to experience the brand’s performance, technology, and charging solutions firsthand.

Tesla Supercharger in Qatar:
Adjacent to the Tesla Store, the first Qatari Supercharger is strategically situated in Doha Festival City, offering convenient access to a wide range of drivers. With 12 stalls capable of delivering up to 250 kW of power, owners can add up to 322 km of range in just 15 minutes. Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network, comprising of 58,000 stations worldwide, ensures seamless long-distance travel for Tesla owners.

Benefits of Superchargers:
The Tesla Supercharger network plays a vital role in enabling Tesla owners to travel long distances with ease. With a robust uptime rate of 99.97% and 100% renewable energy usage in 2023, Tesla’s Superchargers provide peace of mind to drivers while on the road. Using the Tesla app, owners can conveniently monitor charging status, check stall availability, and receive alerts when their vehicle is ready to continue its journey.

Charging Infrastructure in Qatar:
In addition to Superchargers, Tesla offers a range of charging solutions, including home charging options and the rapid expansion of public and private charging networks. This comprehensive charging infrastructure ensures that consumers in Qatar have access to convenient charging options for their daily and on-the-go needs.

Future Plans for Tesla in Qatar:
Tesla remains committed to investing in Qatar and expanding its local infrastructure. The company is set to open its first Service Center in the country during the third quarter of 2024, with plans for more Superchargers to be added in the future. This continued growth will further solidify Tesla’s presence in Qatar and enhance the overall Tesla ownership experience for customers in the region.

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