Spy shots reveal upcoming BMW X5 with sleek Neue Klasse design

BMW’s Next-Generation X5: A Neue Klasse Makeover

BMW is gearing up to revamp its entire lineup by incorporating styling cues from its “Neue Klasse” concepts. The first model to receive this new design language could be the X3 or potentially the iX3. However, the latest spy photos suggest that the next-generation X5 or iX5 will also feature this innovative design. These photos reveal a larger body shell with distinct differences from its predecessor, hinting at a significant transformation for the popular SUV.

Design Changes and Cues
Upon closer inspection of the spy photos, it is evident that the prototype for the new X5 is larger than the current X3 model. The increased size is reflected in subtle details such as the spacing between the front wheel and the base of the windshield, as well as the wheel arch and door shut line. Furthermore, the rear quarter window appears elongated with a less dramatic upsweep to the window sill, creating the illusion of a thinner D-pillar. Proportionally, the grille area and lights seem slimmer on the larger body, giving it a more refined and sophisticated look.

Neue Klasse-Inspired Styling
Inspired by the Neue Klasse concepts, the next-generation X5 will feature wide and short kidney grilles, with headlights seamlessly integrated into the large kidney shapes. The design will also include a flat hood line and broad rear fenders, along with horizontally-oriented taillights for a cohesive aesthetic. One standout feature borrowed from the concept is the innovative door handles, similar to those seen on the Ford Mustang Mach-E, discreetly embedded in the window line. It remains to be seen whether the new X5 will adopt retro-styled small twin kidneys in the middle, as showcased in the Neue Klasse X concept, or opt for a more modern interpretation.

Release Date and Expectations
BMW has confirmed that vehicles utilizing the Neue Klasse platform and design will debut in 2025. While the X3 was initially expected to be the first model to showcase this new styling, the well-developed prototype of the X5 suggests otherwise. Given that the current X5 line dates back to the 2019 model year, it is possible that the next-generation X5 could make its debut in 2026 if not in 2025. BMW is considering offering gas, hybrid, and electric versions of the new X5, although the “i” prefix may be dropped for the electric variant.

Future of the X5 Lineup
With BMW’s commitment to revamping its entire lineup with the Neue Klasse design language, the next-generation X5 is poised to set a new standard for luxury SUVs. The fusion of innovative styling cues and advanced technologies is expected to elevate the X5’s position in the competitive market segment. Whether it is released in 2025 or 2026, the new X5 promises to deliver a dynamic driving experience, luxurious comfort, and cutting-edge features that cater to the demands of modern consumers. BMW enthusiasts and automotive industry experts eagerly await the unveiling of the refreshed X5 and the impact it will have on the brand’s overall image.

In conclusion, the upcoming Neue Klasse makeover for the BMW X5 signifies a bold new direction for the iconic SUV. With a sleeker design, advanced features, and a commitment to sustainability, the next-generation X5 is poised to redefine the luxury SUV segment. As BMW continues to push the boundaries of automotive design and innovation, the X5 stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence and craftsmanship. Stay tuned for more updates on the highly anticipated debut of the new X5 and the exciting developments in BMW’s product lineup.

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