Speed Champions Line Welcomes the Lego Ferrari F40 and Camaro NASCAR ZL1

Lego car enthusiasts can look forward to the release of two new licensed Lego cars – a Ferrari F40 and a NASCAR Chevy Camaro ZL1 – in August 2024. The Ferrari F40 has been previously featured in Lego sets, including a larger Creator Expert model in 2015 and a smaller Speed Champions kit in 2019. The Camaro ZL1 represents the third iteration of Chevrolet’s Next Gen NASCAR Cup racer, with previous Speed Champions and Technic models already available.

History of Lego Ferrari F40 Models
In 2015, Lego released a 1,158-piece Ferrari F40 Creator Expert set, followed by a 198-piece Speed Champions kit of the Ferrari F40 Competizione in 2019. A more obscure Lego F40 model was part of a Shell promotion in Hong Kong in 2012. The upcoming Speed Champions version of the F40 promises to capture the essence of Ferrari’s iconic 80s supercar.

Evolution of Lego NASCAR Camaro Models
The upcoming Lego NASCAR Chevy Camaro ZL1 follows in the footsteps of previous Lego versions of the race car. In 2019, a 193-piece Speed Champions kit was released, followed by a more advanced 672-piece Technic model. Despite not being as distinctive as the F40, the new Camaro kit features key design elements that set it apart as a NASCAR racer.

Design and Features of the New Lego Cars
While the upcoming Lego Camaro ZL1 kit may not immediately scream “Camaro,” it includes details like headlights and a windshield banner that give it a unique racing car aesthetic. On the other hand, the Lego Ferrari F40 is a faithful representation of the iconic supercar with its unmistakable design elements. Both kits are expected to retail for $26.99, in line with other Speed Champions series sets.

Recent Lego Speed Champions Releases
In addition to the upcoming Ferrari F40 and NASCAR Camaro ZL1 kits, Lego has recently released five other Speed Champions sets, including models of the Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo, Aston Martin Vantage safety car, AMR23 Formula 1 race car, Mercedes AMG G 63, and SL 63 Roadster. These kits offer fans the opportunity to build a variety of high-performance vehicles from different manufacturers.

With the upcoming release of the Ferrari F40 and NASCAR Chevy Camaro ZL1 Lego kits, fans of both classic supercars and contemporary race cars will have the opportunity to build and display these iconic vehicles. Whether you’re a fan of Ferrari’s 80s supercar or Chevrolet’s NASCAR racing machines, these new Lego sets offer a fun and detailed way to bring these vehicles to life in brick form. Stay tuned for the official release of these kits in August 2024.

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